How to Get Better Zzzzs


Have you ever struggled to start your day after a restless night? The County’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) has the help you need to feel your best. It’s not a short-term solution like a cup of coffee, but guidance to improve your quality of sleep over time.

The sleep program can teach you how to quiet your overactive mind come bedtime, build healthier habits, and make sure your body associates your bed with sleeping.

To get started, visit our EAP and register for myStrength. (To sign up at home, visit and enter signup code “County of San Diego”.) Once registered, search for “sleep” lessons.

The program is just one of the many EAP resources available to County employees, dependents and household members. The Department of Human Resources provides EAP as part of its commitment to promoting health and well-being. This benefit is confidential, free and provides valuable assistance during challenging times, as well as day-to-day concerns.

Professionally trained staff are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to offer a broad range of services in areas such as:      

·       Parenting: Adoption, developmental stages, childcare, well-being and education

·       Aging: Planning for the future, aging well, housing options, grief and loss, caregiving

·       Mental Health: Personal growth, communication, addiction and recovery, relationships

·       Wellness: Healthy eating, recipes, health specific to age and gender, medical care

·       Working: Effective managing, career transitions, workplace productivity and safety

·       Living: Consumer tips, fraud and theft, legal, immigration and relocation abroad

For free and confidential assistance, call EAP at 888-777-6665 or visit them online. (Please note Sheriff’s Department sworn staff has access to their EAP by contacting The Counseling Team International at 800-222-9691.)

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