Patricia Arana, Child Support Officer

From a call to her supervisor regarding Child Support Officer Patricia Arana:

“Want to recognize how great Patricia was and that she provided good customer service. I know how it can be working in the customer service field and wanted someone to know Patricia was very helpful, easy and pleasant to work with, patient and understanding. I would like to make sure you know how appreciative I am of the customer service she provided.”

Yoly Dayrit, Social Worker III

From a customer email regarding Aging & Independence Services social worker Yoly Dayrit:

“I really appreciate all of Yoly's help over the past couple of years. I could never have taken care of my mother for so long without her assistance. Yoly was always extremely helpful and informative and always took the time to explain to me how things need to be done.”

Brittany Fletcher, Child Support Officer

From a customer satisfaction survey regarding Child Support Officer Brittany Fletcher:

“Brittany was wonderful. She went above and beyond to answer my questions. She thoroughly broke down things, and walked me through what I needed to take care. She was patient and took the time to do research on my case. I couldn’t have had a better experience! Brittany was the best.”