Rosa Ramirez and Bonita Library Branch Staff

From Karemi Alvarez via email regarding the Bonita Branch Staff, particularly Rosa Ramirez:

“The reason for my email is to say thank you for the wonderful educational and enriching opportunities that this county library offers in Bonita...All staff members do a great job with the children, but Ms. Rosa brings into her bilingual story time on Thursdays and to the preschool play she leads on Saturday mornings such energy, enthusiasm, passion for teaching children and engaging the parents as well.”

Vanessa Mello, Ruth Munzaa and Dignora Torres, DEH

From Bristol Farms regarding three employees from the Department of Environmental Health:

“I wanted to pass along some kudos for a joint effort from Vanessa Mello, Ruth Munzaa, and Dignora Torres. The three of them assisted a project manager from Bristol Farms who was seeking advice on how to properly implement their Hatch Chili Roasting events at three of their locations. Martin Deveau [from Bristol Farms] was thankful to the team for helping him make the events healthy and successful.”