Fitting Fitness Into Your Daily Routine

Employees at the mills Building Participate in daily zumba dance breaks

Employees at the mills Building Participate in daily zumba dance breaks

Staying active can be hard, especially when work and family obligations fill up your schedule. But starting or keeping up a workout routine doesn’t have to be difficult.

Debbie Ordonez, Revenue & Budget Manager with the Financial & Support Services Division for the Health & Human Services Agency, turned her coffee breaks into dance breaks. Ordonez and a group of County employees at the Mills Building meet up in the building’s fitness center twice a day for 10-15 minutes of Zumba fitness.

“Doing Zumba during the breaks is a way to step away from work, exercise and dance to music,” said Ordonez. “People in the office develop friendships from participating and it’s a fun way to relieve stress and find balance in your life.”

Ordonez and several co-workers started with line dancing breaks about 10 years ago but eventually switched to Zumba since they enjoyed those routines more. The group liked the mini dance breaks so much that they worked with the County’s Employee Wellness Program to bring an hourlong Zumba class to the Mills Building. That class is led by a professional Zumba instructor and meets every Tuesday evening.

The County offers regular onsite workout classes at many of its locations. The Employee Wellness Program also gives you access to relaxation and meditation sessions and various other health resources. Best of all, these are free benefits for all permanent County employees.

But employees like Ordonez also go beyond the classes and start their own routines, inviting co-workers to join them.

Have you and your colleagues started a regular workout during breaks at your worksite to help you de-stress and stay active? Send us a picture and tell us what you do to stay in shape.


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