Employees Reminded of Training, Resources After Tragic Active Shooter at a Poway Synagogue

Another horrific shooting took a life and injured three others over the weekend in our own County. Many of us were shocked and saddened to learn the details of what seems to be a hate-motivated attack. We join together in our grief and support for the victims and their families. And, we are grateful for our Sheriff’s Department and all law enforcement who responded so quickly and continue to investigate this tragic crime.

Unfortunately, crimes like these are in the news all too often, and with one in our own community, it’s a sobering reminder that we must all be vigilant about the warning signs of such violence and be prepared to react to an unthinkable situation.

The County has resources available to help employees spot potential threats and know how to respond. Take the time to review the information below and share it with your co-workers.

Please visit our Employee Security page to review information for employees. On this page, you can watch the “Run, Hide, Fight” video that was created by the City of Houston’s Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security for quick tips to survive with an introduction from Sheriff Bill Gore. If the visuals are too jarring, you may prefer instead to read through some of our resources including How to Respond When an Active Shooter is in Your Vicinity, Federal Emergency Management Agency Online Active Shooter Training, Bomb Threat Call Procedures and Checklist and What to Do if Your Office Is on Lockdown.

You can also request an in-person training provided by the Sheriff’s Department using links on the page for either a classroom-type training for your department or for a department active shooter drill training. Check the County’s LMS Library under the topic “County Security Initiative” to watch for general trainings as they become available.

In addition, the County developed a “Terrorism” webpage on our County ReadySanDiego.org and ListoSanDiego.org websites. The page features our “Eight Signs of Terrorism” video, written information on how to spot suspicious activity that could be terror-related, and links to where to report it. Both sites stress this important message: If you see something, say something. If something doesn’t look right, if it looks suspicious and it could have anything to do with terrorist activity, you need to report it.

You should know that every County department and facility has a disaster response plan. Ask about the one that affects you so you can be familiar with it.

If you are feeling critical stress about a personal or work issue, we want to remind you that all County employees have access to the Employee Assistance Program. If you need help with emotional distress, it’s a safe place to call at 1 (888) 777-6665. It’s free and completely confidential. Please keep this important resource in mind. The safety of every employee is our priority, and we all have a responsibility to be aware of our surroundings and look out for each other and our customers. Thank you for your vigilance and support of our County family and our community.