And They're Off!


Three, two, one… GO! The seventh annual Amazing Race took place at the County Operations Center Wednesday. Racers in Level 1, dubbed “Move and Have Fun,” laced up their sneakers to compete in the fun run at the Kearny Mesa campus.

Check out the photo gallery and videos below. Have some photos you would like to add to the gallery email it to us.

Be sure to return on Wednesday, April 24 for a livestream of level two and three teams racing. They are sure to amaze us!

Results from all levels will be posted in the upcoming weeks. 

Get Your Pre-game Face! On!

Participants in the first day of this year's Amazing Race event are stretching out, psyching up and getting ready to tackle the course at the COC.

And They're Off!

Dozens of colorful teams headed out of the starting gate to see what adventures await them on the Amazing Race course this afternoon.

Take Me to the Other Side!

Participants in the Amazing Race traverse an obstacle course, trying to get through as quickly as they can.


Participants in the Amazing Race face a daunting rock climbing wall, but they're all determined to conquer it and complete the event.

The Finish Line!

Teams were a little bit excited, a little bit relieved and full of accomplishment as they crossed the finish line in today's Amazing Race event for Level 1 participants at the County Operations Center. Level 2 and Level 3 teams will participate on April 24.