County Employees Demonstrate HEART

County employees came together Tuesday to celebrate National Customer Service Week during the County’s first-ever Journey to Customer Service Fair. The County’s Customer Experience Initiative hosted the fair, which allowed employees to explore the definition of outstanding customer service in a playful way.

Fair attendees were invited to take a journey around COC Chambers, filling up their Journey to Your Best Self road map along the way. To get a token of appreciation, employees had to stop at six stations, where they could learn more about maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle, even in hectic times.

Among the stations was a table where attendees could learn mindfulness exercises. Another stop on the journey invited County employees to tie strings to words that define their true selves and see how many fellow County staff share the same defining attributes.

Once they completed all the activities, County employees were asked to sign a banner, affirming that they commit to using a positive approach to provide customers with a positive experience and to promoting an environment that is inclusive to all. The banner will be on display at the National Coming Out Celebration at the COC this Friday.

Outside of the Chambers, employees from various County departments and several external vendors informed fair attendees about their services. County staff engaged fellow employees in conversations about process changes, programs and activities they have put in place to improve the customer experience.

To learn more about the County’s Customer Experience Initiative, visit the CEI page on InSite.