TED Talks Viewing with April Heinze

Audience for TED Talks

Do you bring your authentic self to work? At a special lunch and learn event, April Heinze, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for the Community Services Group, led a discussion on bringing our authentic self to work and supplemented it with some motivational videos.

“It is vital that we recognize not only our authentic self but others as well. We must deal with eliminating stereotypes we place on others and the unconscious bias we may be having,” Heinze said. “It is the only way that we will achieve safe inclusive spaces at work where we can all contribute our best to the County team!”

Heinze showed several videos ranging from TED Talks to a Heineken Commercial to a corporate diversity promotional video, all emphasizing that it takes a certain vulnerability to show our authentic selves – it takes courage.

Watch the videos and join in on the conversation: