San Diego Staycation Secrets

Taylor Guitars, located in El Cajon, gives free guided tours every Monday through Friday at 1 p.m.

In a recent InSite poll, we asked if you’ve ever taken a "staycation" - a vacation where you stay in the town in which you live. Most of you said yes!

It got us wondering - are there any staycation secrets here in and around San Diego? Yeah, we know the big attractions, but what’s a less-famous local fave you want to share with co-workers?

Tell us in the comments!

You can purchase tickets to go up to the California Tower in Balboa Park for a bird's eye view.

The Goat Canyon Trestles are part of the largest wooden railroad in the world.

The Secret Stairs in La Mesa are one of the few systems of public stairways in the county.

The indoor and outdoor hot spring pools at Agua Caliente County Park are a real treat to soak in after a long hike.