AAACE Hosts Juneteenth Celebration for Employees

The African American Association of County Employees (AAACE) received a proclamation from the Board of Supervisors June 19 to recognize the annual Juneteenth holiday.

AAACE also held a Juneteenth celebration last Friday. The holiday marks the official end of slavery, two and a half years after the Emancipation Proclamation was enacted.

The AAACE event at the County Operations Center had a packed program. There was singing, dancing and a speaker. Plus, guests were invited to browse a Juneteenth gallery with books and artifacts donated by the San Diego County Library. It awarded three young scholars with $500 for educational support. And AAACE became the first Employee Resource Group (ERG) to become a Live Well San Diego partner.

View a photo gallery of the Juneteenth celebrations at the County.

To learn more about AAACE, visit its InSite page.