Amazing Race Results Are In!

You all did amazing! Nearly 800 County employees participated in the Amazing Race at the County Operations Center in April and the results are in! 

Find the results for Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and DiverseAbility.

Plus, take another trip down memory lane with this photo gallery and video recap of the event.

The first place finishers are:

Level 1: Alpaca Mix

  • Miriam Barton, Child Welfare Services

  • Kenia Valdvinos, Child Welfare Services

  • Norma Mendez, Child Welfare Services

  • Leah Nelson, Child Welfare Services

Level 2: Average Joes

  • Kim Impreso, Air Pollution Control District

  • Benjamin Wong, Air Pollution Control District

  • Vincent Landi, Air Pollution Control District

  • Keenan Murray, Air Pollution Control District

Level 3: B.E.M.R.

  • Everett Hauser, Planning and Development Services

  • Michael Johnson, Planning and Development Services

  • Reynaldo Pellos, Public Works

  • Bradley Sonnenburg, Planning and Development Services


  • Sarah Panfil, Facilities Management

  • Kaitlin Carmichael, Human Resources