New Way to Get Connected to the County

Have you ever found yourself trying to explain to someone what exactly you do? Maybe what the County does? We have a way to help show off all of the great services we provide – and it’s as simple as pushing the “play” button.

Every month, the County Communications Office puts out videos about the awesome work your departments are doing – from adoptable pets to reviving historic routes to highlighting librarians. And then we package it up in an easy-to-share (and watch) show – County Connection.

The show was recently revamped, rebranded (it was originally called County Chronicles) and features some of the past month’s best videos. The short show (we keep it under 15 minutes) also plays out on our TV station. Yup, we’ve got a TV station.

But if TV isn’t your thing, we recommend watching each month on County News Center. And if you find a particular episode interesting, or maybe one that features your department or a colleague, share it around! Help us teach the region how they’re connected to the County!