Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

Wonderful job, County employees! You work hard, have HEART and make San Diego a great place to live and work. For Employee Appreciation Day we are giving thanks to you.

While there are countless ways to recognize your peers, the simplest is to write a “thank you” note. Share your thanks as a comment below.

With much gratitude, here are some videos, photos and notes of appreciation:

“I would like to thank the Behavioral Health Services, Quality Improvement, Performance Improvement Team for not only doing a fantastic job, but for making it enjoyable to come to work every day!”

-Chris Strows, Admin Analyst III, Behavioral Health Services, Quality Improvement, Performance Improvement Team

“I would like to post my heartfelt appreciation for ALL employees that dedicate their skills, their heart, their compassion and commitment to our SDCPH patients. Our inpatient units and emergency room staff serve 24/7 some of the most severely mental ill individuals from within the county and beyond. Each day the staff face complex decisions and dangerous circumstances. It is their dedication and humanity that provides solace and safety to these individuals and their families and ultimately the community as a whole. I am so proud and grateful to work with this staff, as part of our mission to serve.”

-Izabela Karmach, Deputy Director Departmental Operations, San Diego County Psychiatric Hospital

“I just want to thank all of my staff for continuing to provide excellent customer service not only to their customers but among themselves. I have never seen a more cohesive, strong, transparent team than DPW HR Team. I can’t thank them enough everyday but they know that I sincerely appreciate and recognize all their unselfish contributions to the department. They concentrate more on what unites them than divides them; they set aside their differences in order to advance the mission of the department and the County as a whole. Thank you, staff!”

-Lita Santos, Sr. DHRO, Department of Public Works

“A big thank you to our Office of Revenue and Recovery Team! Your efforts and hard work is greatly appreciated today and every day!!! Know you make a difference! In business, it’s important to find people you can count on. You are one of those reliable employees and one of the reasons for our success as it can never be achieved unless someone, like you, has the shared vision, commitment and desire to achieve it. Our office is enhanced by your presence. Thank you for your excellence and for being our greatest and most valuable asset! Our sincerest thanks for all your dedication, hard work and for being such an important part of our team. Words cannot describe how much you are appreciated. Best wishes for a wonderful Employee Appreciation Day and weekend!”

-Sean S. Sander, Director, Office of Revenue and Recovery

“I would like to personally thank Jayme Gravett-Miller and Connie Myrick for their contribution as team members of the Project Management Division, Department of General Services. The administrative and fiscal support they provide to all the PMD staff is exemplary. With employees like them, it makes my job as a supervisor much easier!”

-Amie Meegan, Department of General Services

 “Thank you for always being an awesome team and going the extra mile. I appreciate everyone’s hard work and dedication. Each of your individual contributions to our division’s goals and vision combined with teamwork consistently take us to the next level.  I am proud to be part of the ABO Dream Team (Apple, Dan, Erendy, -Linda, Lorena, Mary, Max, Miriam, Peter, Rissa and Rocio).”

-Ardee Apostol, Revenue & Budget Manager, Agency Budget Office, Health & Human Services Agency

“It is such a privilege to work every day with such a dedicated and professional team. This team has served over 7000 customers in 2016. You have provided the public with excellent records and protected the confidentiality of the clients served in Child Welfare Services. You are sensitive to the needs of our customers and have demonstrated excellent customer service while meeting the individual needs of our clients. I appreciate every day walking into an office where the people who work here serve the public good while maintaining a positive attitude and wanting to do more to better the quality of what we do. I am so proud to be a team member for Legal Support Services and thank each of you for all the hard work you do.”

-Marie Hommel, Protective Services Supervisor, Child Welfare Services Policy and Program Support, Legal Support Services

Rita A.M. Smith, Sr. DHRO, County Library, submitted this selfie photo with her fellow DHR employees.

CTO staff really takes the cake!