Workplace Emergency Alert System Launches; Confirm Your Contact Info

As part of our workplace Security Initiative, the County is introducing a new notification system that will be used to alert employees of active threats at our facilities.

The system will allow the Sheriff’s Department to send important notifications to your desk phone, cellphone – business or personal – and email with information and instructions, such as sheltering in place or keeping clear of a campus in the event of an active shooter incident.

Since many employees often travel between locations, alerts involving one site will be sent to all employees. Messages will explain which location is affected.

You do not need to sign up for the alerts. However, you do need to review and update your contact information in Employee Self Service (also known as PeopleSoft Self Service). Up-to-date contact information is critical and can make all the difference in a life-threatening situation.

Here’s how to update your contact information:

  1. Log in to PeopleSoft Self Service. If you forgot your password, call the HP Help Desk at (858) 573-3938 or (888) 298-1222. (Sheriff and DA staff should call their respective help desks.)

  2. From the Main Menu, click on “Self Service.”

  3. From the drop down menu, click on “Personal Information.”

  4. Select “Phone Numbers” from the drop down menu and update your business (work landline), business cellular and personal cellular phone numbers. Save the changes.

  5. Next, from the same “Personal Information” menu, select “Email Addresses” and verify both your business and personal email addresses and update them if necessary. Save the changes.

The notification system is the latest component of our County Security Initiative. Last month, CAO Helen Robbins-Meyer sent us a video message with an update on the initiative’s progress.

Remember, safety starts with you! Get involved by learning more about the initiative–visit the Employee Security page on InSite, review the County security policy, or register for Active Shooter training in the Learning Management System (for Sheriff, DA, and SDCERA, click here). In addition, departments can request County Security Coordinators to present tailored training for your facility.