Saluting Our Veterans


We are continuing our Veterans Day tradition of recognizing County employees who have served in the armed forces.  We are building on the submissions we've had the last few years. If you would like to be added, or if your submission needs to be edited because of a department change, please send an email with the following:

  • Your name

  • Department

  • Branch of service

  • Brief description of your service

  • Picture, if available

We'll upate the list periodically as submissions come in.

Thanks to those veterans who chose to share their stories and thank you to all veterans for your service.


David Navarro, Agriculture, Weights & Measures (AWM)

United States Marine Corps


Duties & Responsibilities:

Assigned To: KC-130 F/R/T/J Squadrons

Mission: To provide both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aerial refueling capabilities in support of Fleet Marine Force (FMF) air operations in addition to assault air transport of personnel, equipment, and supplies.

Title: Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC) – Powerplants Division

Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Futenma, Japan; 1st Marine Aircraft Wing – Marine Refueler Transport Squadron 152 “Sumos”

MCAS Miramar, CA; 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing – Marine Refueler Transport Squadron 352 “Raiders”

Combat Missions:

Operation Enduring Freedom (2001)

Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003)

Theresa Viveros

HHSA, Human Services Specialist


I earned the rank of Sergeant in the USMC, serving as a CH-53D mechanic and Aerial Observer attached to HMH-463 at MCBH Kaneohe Bay. I honorably served five years of Active Duty. I treasure my time in the service and was privileged to meet some of the finest people in the world. I have been married to my husband for 19 years, who himself is an Active Duty Marine for over 22 years now. Semper Fidelis!

Sean Simmons

Department of Environmental Health

U.S. Navy

Electricians Mate

USS Ranger



Javier A. Guzman

Parks and Recreation,

Park Attendant at Sweetwater Summit Regional Park

U.S. Army

Active duty, January 5, 2010 – January 4, 2015


Allan Amurao

Logistics Specialist Second Class Petty Officer Surface Warfare/AirWarfare


US Navy

Served onboard the amphibious ship USS Peleliu LHA-5 from March 2008 to December 2012, had three deployments to WESPAC (Western Pacific)

Chad Kennett

Air Pollution Control District, Engineering

United States Marine Corps

UH-1 Crew Chief and mechanic from 2012-2017

Todd Stier

General Services

U.S. Army / Airforce

Airframe and Power plant Mechanic


Dalia M. McCarthy

HHSA, Fallbrook CRC

U.S. Navy

2000-2006, USS Enterprise CVN-65 from 2003-2004


Christopher G Henderson

DPW Supervisor for Closed Landfills in North County

U.S. Navy Seabees 1987-2011 24 years.

I was a Heavy Equipment Operator by trade but also a Plumber, Iron worker, Mechanic, Builder, Mason, Electrician and whatever else they needed done. Our motto was “Seabees Can Do We Build We Fight.

I would prepare land to make new roads, pour concrete, dry wall buildings, run electrical, install fire sprinklers and anything else we were asked to do.

I spent 21 years in the reserve component at the following locations Long Beach Ca., San Bernardino Ca., Los Alamitos Ca., Moreno Valley Ca., El Centro Ca., Port Hueneme Ca., San Diego Ca., and my last 3 years I was deployed to Djibouti Africa where I worked as Camp Safety.

Carlos Corrales

Environmental Health – Food and Housing Division – Student Worker

United States Marine Corps

Originally from Costa Mesa Ca., I enlisted in the Marine Corps in August 2006 and served 9 years until I was honorable discharged in September 2015 as a Staff Sergeant. During my time in the military my primary occupation was an aircraft mechanic for the AV8B Harrier. My first duty station was Marine Corps Air Station Yuma AZ where I spent 3 ½ years. My second duty station was Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point in Havelock NC where I was for 5 ½. During my enlistment I deployed one time with the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit on the USS Essex. After my discharge from the Marine Corps I moved back to Ca. to San Diego.


Ivan Macias


I enlisted in the US Army on July 24, 2003 where I attended Infantry OSUT, Airborne School, and the Ranger Indoctrination program in Fort Benning, GA. After completing all my training I was then assigned to Fort Lewis with 2nd Ranger Battalion in March 2004. I completed two short deployments to Iraq with Charlie Company 2/75 (2 months & 3 months). I then PCS’d to 3-21 Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade 25th Infantry Division in Fort Lewis, WA in July 2005 where I volunteered to deploy to Iraq again at the tail end of their 12 month deployment (2 months). When my unit returned to Fort Lewis, WA our Brigade was soon reflagged to 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment (SCR) where I re-enlisted to go to Germany. My entire unit PCS’d to Rose Barracks in Vilseck, Germany in July 2006. I was able to visit places like Madrid, Munich, Amsterdam, and Austria. I regret not traveling more! I then deployed to Iraq for my fourth and final time for 15 months with Eagle Company 2-2 SCR on July 2007. I re-enlisted a second time at the tail end of my last deployment to PCS to 4th Ranger Training Battalion in Fort Benning, GA on January 2009. I was able to achieve my ultimate goal of graduating from the US Army Ranger School with class 04-10 (April 1st, 2010). I was released from Active Duty as an E-5 Sergeant on September 13, 2011 with an Honorable Discharge.

Notable awards and military education:










Gary Robert Laugen Sr

I work in HHSA – MCSD – Emergency Medical Services as an EMS Specialist. I served both, on active duty in the United States Navy, and in the Navy Reserve, retiring after 24 years of Honorable service. I began my service as a Hull Maintenance Technician (HT), which is a ships Repairman and Shipboard Firefighter. During my career, I crossed over to becoming, and retiring, as a Hospital Corpsman (HM). I am originally from Santa Barbara County but much of my Naval career had strong ties to San Diego County. I attended Boot Camp here at NTC/RTC San Diego in 1988. My first command after Boot Camp was the USS Midway (CV-41) (yes, the museum floating in our harbor!), it was then based in Yokosuka, Japan. I served aboard the USS Belleau-Wood (LHA-3), based at 32nd St. San Diego in 1991-92. My Reserve commands included SIMA San Diego (32nd St.), based in Santa Barbara, CA, Assault Craft Unit-1 (NAB Coronado), based in Port Hueneme, CA, and my final command, Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton – Detachment A, also based in Port Hueneme.

I retired in 2012.


Carlos W. Santiago

Department of Purchasing & Contracting

United States Navy

Serviced as an Yeoman.  I was stationed on the USS NIMITZ (CVN 68) as Supply Department Yeoman from May 25, 1988 through January 7, 1992; then Helicopter Combat Support Squadron 11 (HC-11) as a Legal Yeoman from January 8, 1992 through March 14, 1995; then Naval Air Facility, Adak as the Assistant Security Manager from March 15, 1996 through April 1, 1996; and lastly the USS CORONADO (AGF-11) as Ship’s Secretary/Legal Yeoman.

Mike Gardiner, (United States Navy (Retired 1959-1982)

Now serving as Administrator for the Senior Volunteer Patrol

In San Marcos, Ca. I have been a member of the Patrol since June 2014


Joseph Suthipana
Child Support Services
U.S. Navy (1999 – 2005) Personnel Specialist 2nd Class

Duty Stations:
Naval Technical Training Center  -  Meridian, MS
USS John C. Stennis CVN 74 - NAS North Island, CA
Personnel Support Detachment - NAS Lemoore, CA

Most Memorable Moment – being one of the first Carriers to deploy in Operation Enduring Freedom

Photo is of actual flag recovered from Ground Zero of the World Trade Center



Ana Ramos


US Navy









Hunter McDonald

Planning and Development services, Project Planning

Unites States Marine Corps

I knew from a  young age that I wanted to follow in my father’s footsteps and serve in the USMC. So when my time came after graduating high school I didn’t hesitate for a moment. I attended boot camp in the summer of 2008 here at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego and served until the summer of 2013. The highlight of my enlistment was serving with my brothers and sisters in Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan.

Semper Fi!


Ivett Montoya

HHSA N Costal Child Welfare
Air National Guard- 2010-2016
Security Forces
March ARB, Moreno Valley, CA




Carol Duhamell

Emergency Medical Services
County of San Diego Health & Human Services Agency

US Navy
USS Jason, AR-8
Two deployments




Lisa Marie Duchow

Probation Department
Naval Reserves

I joined the Naval Reserves after 9/11 to serve my country. 
I was a Legalman 2nd class  (E-5) and worked in the Legal Service Offices assisting with Wills and Power of Attorney documents for service members deploying.
I then transferred to an Emergency Response Unit, where I retired from after 8 years. 


Patricia Craig

Department of Child Support Services

U.S. Navy Reserves from March 1993 to June 2016

Yeoman Senior Chief (YNCS)
United States Navy Reserves (Retired) (Honorably Discharged)

Served in:
Operation Enduring Freedom
Post 9/11 Global War on Terrorism
Operation Southern Watch

Medals to include:
Joint Commendation Medal
Joint Service Achievement Medal
Navy Achievement Medal
Good Conduct Award

U.S. Navy Public Affairs, San Diego 1993 – 1994
COMNAVBASE 1902, San Diego1994 - 1996
Helicopter Squadron Eighty-Five, San Diego 1996 – 2000
Fleet Logistics Support Squadron VR-57, San Diego 2000 – 2003
USCINCPAC in Hawaii 2003 – 2004
VR-57 Conquistadors, San Diego 2004 – 2009
Kuwait 2009 – 2010
Naval Mobilization Processing Site (NMPS), Norfolk, VA 2010 – 2012
Seal Team 17, San Diego 2013 – 2014
Manama, Bahrain 2014 -2015
Seal Team 17, San Diego 2015 -2016

Being in the Reserves I’ve served in many locations during my 23 years of service, the last place I served before passing the torch on to my son was Manama, Bahrain.  Since retiring it’s been a little bitter sweet, I do miss the camaraderie, but at the same time I am enjoying my retirement from the military.


 Nina Gordon

PHN Consultant
Foster Care Nurse
Juvenile Probation

Armed Forces of the United States


Bryan Crawford

Health & Human Services Agency as a Human Services Specialist.

U.S. Navy from Aug 1984 (out of High School) to about Feb 2007 when I retired.
U.S. Knox FF1052 stationed in Japan in 1986 to 1989 and then it transferred to Long Beach and took me with it.
Stationed as a reservist on the U.S. John A Moore in San Diego.
Finished my duty at the MiUW 106 where I did drills as a reservist until I was activated to go to Kuwait in 2002.
I have been in both Persian Gulf Wars in the 1980’s and the 2000’s.


Lindsay DiPaolo

Environmental Health Technician
Department of Environmental Health
Hazardous Materials Division

US Army Signal Corps, 10th Signal Battalion, Fort Drum, New York
Specialist/E-4; 1995-1999

I joined the Army at 19 years old and completed basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. I then went on to training at Fort Gordon, Georgia to become a multi-channel radio transmissions operator maintainer. I then spent the entire time in the Army stationed at Fort Drum, New York where I saw snow fall for the first time and experienced ice storms, something I had never heard of growing up in San Diego. My job with the Signal Corps was to set up line of sight signals through UHF and SHF antennas which formed a communications link for any unit we were supporting, typically an infantry unit. Basically, we set up tactical phone lines for commanders to communicate back to the rear and to other units at other Army bases throughout the US during large scale training operations.

“Voice of the Mountain”

Otha Hayes

Health and Human Services Agency

United States Navy (Retired)

Recruit Training Command (Orlando Fl)
USS MOBILE LKA-115 (Long Beach, CA)
Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 30 (NASNI San Diego, CA)
Shore Intermediate Maintenance Activity (Naval Station San Diego)
Training Squadron 24 (NAS Beeville, TX)
Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 50 (Anderson Air Force Base Guam)
Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (Naval Base Point Loma)

Served in
Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield,
Operation Enduring Freedom
Post 9/11 Global War on Terrorism Afghanistan
Operation Southern Watch

(6) Navy Achievement Awards
(2) National Defense Medals
(4) Sea Service Ribbons  
(5) Good Conduct Awards


Cindy Bladh

Sheriff's Department Reentry Services Admin

U.S. Navy ◾Brief description of your
Aircraft Maintenance and Personnelmen, Deployed from January 2003- September 2003 and January 2005-August 2005 aboard USS Carl Vinson, with S-3B Viking Squadron VS-33


Fernando C. Medina

HHSA/Quality and Eligibility Support Department

US Navy 1977-1987, Hospital Corpsman First Class (HM1)

Duty Stations:
Recruit Training Command, San Diego, CA
Naval Hospital, San Diego, CA
First Marine Division Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, CA
Naval Hospital Oakland, CA
USS Coral Sea (CV43) – Alameda, CA
Naval School of Health Sciences San Diego, CA
Naval Training Center Branch Medical Clinic, San Diego, CA

Service Schools:
Hospital Corpsman A School, San Diego, CA
Field Medical Service School, Camp Pendleton, CA
Basic Laboratory Technician School, Oakland, CA
Advanced Laboratory Technician School, San Diego, CA


Jose-Ramon B. Arellano

Bureau of Public Assistance Investigations, DCSS
United States Navy
Hospital Corpsman- (8404) 1983-1988

Great Lakes, Naval Hospital, IL 
Balboa Naval Hospital, San Diego, CA
Camp Lejeune, NC


Kathleen Chrissop

Health and Human Services Agency

US Navy 1981-1987, Ship’s Serviceman (SH3)
Commisary Store, NAS Jacksonville
S-3 Division, USS Lexington AVT-16, NAS Pensacola
Security Detachment, NS Rota, Spain

Derick Jones

Sheriff's Department

United State Marine Corps 1985 - 1991
1st Marine Division, K Co, 3rd BN 5th Marines - Sergeant
2 tours of combat; Panama and the Persian Gulf


 Dean Misiewicz


ME1 Dean Misiewicz
USCG (ret)

Port Security Unit 311
Harbor Defense Command 110
Naval Coastal Warfare Unit 110
Maritime Safety Security Team (MSST) Seattle
Maritime Safety Security Team (MSST) San Diego

Desert Shield/Desert Storm
OIF 2003-2004, 2006-2007, 2010

Stephen Roberts

Building Maintance Supervisor
Department of General Services
Facilities Operations

Navy from September 1977 to September 1983.
I served on board the USS Emory S. Land AS-39 and had the rank of SH2 petty officer.
We were home ported out of Norfolk, Virginia at the time of my service.

Todd Stier

Department of General Services

U.S. Army
20th Special Ops  Squadron
The Green Hornets
Airframe & Power plant Mechanic
Vietnam Veteran 

Michelle Morris


United States Air Force
Airfield Operations Specialist
1st Duty Station:  McClellan Air Force Base
Assigned to Kadena AB Japan from 1987-1991


Maria G. Garcia

Social Worker III, In Home Supportive Services/Aging & Independence Services

U.S. Army Reserves
Specialist E-4, 2002-2007 489th Maintenance Co.
Electric Equipment Repairer, 35N
Stationed in Fort Jackson, SC and Ft. Gordon, GA

Bill Pettingill

County Counsel

U.S. Marine Corps
Staff Sergeant


Rafael “PJ” Escarcega

General Services/Fleet Division

US Navy    Aviation Electricians Mate Chief



Daniel A. Garcia


U.S. Army Infantry 2003-2006
U.S. Army Reserve Drill Sergeant 2006- present

Deployed to southern Iraq (2005-2006) in support of OIF/OEF










Roberto D. Uribe Jr.

San Diego County Fire

United States Air Force
Firefighter 1974-1979

Trained at Chanute AFB in Illinois
Served at Cannon AFB in New Mexico
Served at RAF Upper Heyford in the UK
Served at Brooks AFB in Texas
Post service as a civilian firefighter to the US Navy 1979-2012
Post service to Pine Valley Fire 2012-2017
Post service to San Diego County Fire 2017- Present

Thank You fellow veterans, for your service.


Ferdinand Sunico

Sheriff's Dept.
Active Duty US  Navy 1990-2002
US Air Force Reserve  2008-Present

USS Independence CV-62 ( 1991-1993)
Forward Deployed in Yokosuka, Japan, Deployed to Western Pacific (Operation Southern Watch) USS Denver LPD-9 (1993-1994)
Deployed to Western Pacific - Somalia in Support of Operation Restore Hope USS Lincoln CV-72- (1995)
Deployed to Western Pacific USS Kitty Hawk (1996-1997)
Deployed to Western Pacific US Naval Hospital San Diego 1997-2000 USS Tarawa 2000-2002- Deployed to Western Pacific

Currently assigned to 752d Aircraft Maintenance Squadron March Air Reserve Base in Moreno Valley, Ca.


Ernest Solomon

Auditor & Controller Dept.
US Navy
Proudly served from 1985 – 1996 aboard
F14 Tomcat Fighter Squadron (VF-211)
Helicopter Mine Countermeasure Squadron (HM-15)
USS Nimitz (CVN-68) - Nuclear Aircraft Carrier
USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63) - Aircraft Carrier
USS Independence (CV-62) - Aircraft Carrier
Guided missile cruiser USS Bunker Hill (CG-52)
USS Blue Ridge (LCC-19)

My service was a privilege and an honor.


Gregory Giudice CDPO II

Girl's Rehabilitation Facility

Navy 1973-1976,
Machinist Mate worked in the Main Machinery room #2,
#2 Auxiliary machinery room, with the ships main steam generators and evaporators aboard the USS Saratoga.


Frank R. Motley

Department, Management Services Bureau, SD Sheriff's Dept.
US Marine Corps 1983-2007
Retired LtCol, that served twenty-four years, all over the world, in the infantry, recruiting, and logistics. 


Richard W. Thompson

United States Marine Corps
1986 – 1989

I served as a member of the Marine Detachment aboard the aircraft carrier CV-61 USS Ranger where we earned the Battle “E”. I was also stationed at Gulf Co. 2/5 1st Mar Div Weapons Platoon Camp Pendleton. My job was anti-Tank and Demolition. I neutralized heavy armored vehicles and fortified potions with the Dragon, SMAW, LAW and various explosive compounds such as C4, TNT and Composition “B”.

The picture was taken in 1987 when I was aboard the USS Ranger and we were just returning to port here in San Diego.


Ian Richardson

US Army and California National Guard
1993 to 1996 was in the 25th Infantry Division. 1996 to 1998 I was in the California National Guard.

Ricardo G. Vicedo Jr.

Human Services Operations Manager, HHSA
United States Navy - 1984-1991
Boatswains Mate 2nd Class 


Eric McDonald

HHSA Public Health Services
US Navy 1981-2005
I spent 9 years as a medical officer with USMC units, the remainder in various naval hospitals.

Semper fidelis!


Matthew Messmer


I was in the NAVY from 2002 to 2007 as a Master-At-Arms. I was in Pureto Rico at Roosevelt Roads until the base close in 2005, then started Mobile Security Squadran 25 out of Portsmith, Va. Then left the NAVY in 2007 due to injury.


Shawn P. Stalker, Sheriff's Department

U.S. Navy, 1989-1995

I became a  Yeoman while assigned to the USS JASON (AR-8) with three deployments to Operation Desert Shield/Storm, and the Persian Gulf War. (During Desert Storm we sent repair teams that assisted the USS TRIPOLI and USS PRINCETON when they were struck by mines.) I was also stationed at the
Naval Criminal Investigative Service, Law Enforcement Physical Security Assistance Team, Pacific (NCISLEPSATPAC).

I was proud to be part of the 1% that has served in the military. I am very proud of our youth that continue to volunteer to serve.

Go Navy!

(Regarding the picture - I am the one on the right side. This was the day I went from being an undesignated Seaman to a Petty Officer Third Class Yeoman. )


Ron Lenert

County Counsel
US Navy, Lieutenant Commander
JAG Corps
Active Duty 2005-2013
Reserves 2013- present
Duty stations – Bremerton WA, Corpus Christi TX, San Diego CA, and deployment to JTF-GTM

I served my deployment while being a County employee, and I couldn’t believe the support and encouragement I had.  It helped so much, thank you ALL for your support!


Staff Sergeant Vanya Cook-Leotaud

General Services - Fleet Management Division
United States Air Force
I enlisted March 15, 2011 and served 5 years as an In-Flight Refueler on the KC-135.  Stationed at McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, KS, I deployed 3 times (2 special operations missions), and earned 3 combat air medals. My most proud achievements during my service include earning Distinguished Graduate and Senior Airman Below the Zone.  I am proud to have served with some amazing people.
(picture attached)


 James Riley

Agriculture, Weights & Measures

I joined the Navy in 2004, and served in several rewarding assignments including:

Strike Fighter Squadron 102 Diamondbacks, Atsugi, Japan
Defense Attaché Office, Indonesia
Pacific Command’s Joint Intelligence Operations Center, Hawaii
Amphibious Force Seventh Fleet, Okinawa
Pacific Fleet Naval Reserve Unit 0194, San Diego

I continue to serve in the Naval Reserve.  Anchors aweigh!


Robin Thompson

HHSA, Child Welfare Services
US Navy – 1982 - 1993
Master at Arms First Class, Military Working Dog Handler


Michael Schmidt, USMC, Sergeant

Eligibility Operations, HHSA

Served 2002-2006. Served in Combat Operations in Fallujah, Iraq 2004 with 1st Marine Division 3rd Assault Amphibian Battalion

Also toured in South Pacific including visits to Okinawa, South Korea, Guam, Philippines, and Iwo Jima


Mike Duffek, General Services

US Navy, Retired Senior Chief

1978 – 1998

F-14 Maintenance NAS Miramar 

Melissa Bowyer, Senior Probation Officer – San Diego County Probation Department

USMC  1988 – 1992    E-4 Corporal

Aviation Ordnance Technician – F/A – 18


MCAS Iwakuni, Japan; 1st Marine Aircraft Wing – Headquarters & Headquarters Station

MCAS El Toro, CA; 4th Marine Aircraft Wing – Marine Air Group 46; 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing – Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 11


Mingo Villa, General Services

Army 1991-1994

31K Combat Signaler

327th Signal Battalion (Airborne) Nighthawks

 35th Signal Brigade

Ft. Bragg , North Carolina

Reynaldo Solis, DGS


Served as a Small Arms Repair Technician and  Combat Marksmanship Instructor.

I served in the Marine Corps from 2000-2008.  My primary MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) was a Small Arms Repair Technician. In addition, I also served as a Small Arms Combat Marksmanship Instructor for the last few years of my enlistment. The picture I’ve included was taken in the later part of September 2001. At the time, I was stationed in Japan. Shortly after 9/11, I deployed with the 31st MEU aboard the USS Germantown heading towards all the action in the middle east. So there I am, having a rare moment of stress-free relaxation and a short lived photo opportunity, standing next to a CH-46 Sea Knight, heading south from Japan, somewhere near the equator. 


Angelina Sao, Probation

USAF 2003-2007

Served four years as Security Forces 









David Barrera, Sheriff's Dept.

-USMC K9 Handler

-2007-2013, OEF, Purple Heart







Sonya Brown-Conner, Probation Department

U.S. Navy, Retired Lieutenant Commander

Lieutenant Commander Sonya Brown-Conner was born and raised in San Bernardino, California. LCDR Brown-Conner enlisted in the United States Navy in November 1988.  She attended boot camp in Orlando, Florida.  Upon graduation from RTC Orlando, she attended Electrician’s Mate “A” School in Great Lakes, Illinois and graduated in the top ten percent of her class; earning advanced acceleration to Petty Officer Third Class. 

Her first tour of Duty was aboard the USS DIXON (AS-37), as an electrician’s mate. Upon completion of her tour aboard DIXON, she transferred to the floating dry dock STEADFAST (AFDM 14). While on assigned to STEADFAST she served as the Legal Yeoman and then re-designated to Legalman (Paralegal). After completing Legalman “A” School, LCDR Brown-Conner received her first assignment as a paralegal, at the Naval Legal Service Office, Southwest. While assigned to the Naval Legal Service Officer, she began taking college courses in order to apply for the Enlisted Commissioning Program (ECP). After completing the required course work to apply for the Enlisted Commissioning Program, she applied and was accepted as an Officer Candidate in ROTC at San Diego State University. She graduated in 1999 with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration and was commissioned as an Ensign in the United States Navy. After commissioning, she attended the Surface Warfare Officer Indoctrination School (SWODOC) in Newport, Road Island. Upon completion of SWODOC, she was assigned to the USS COROANDO (AGF-11); where she served as the Weapons Officer and Legal Officer. While on CORONADO, she achieved her Surface Warfare Officer Qualification. Her next duty assignment was Assistant to the Damage Control Assistant aboard the USS JOHN C. STENNIS (CVN 74).     

Upon completion of her tour aboard STENNIS, she received orders to Assault Craft Unit FIVE, at Camp Pendleton, California, where she served as the Assistant Operations Officer. LCDR Brown-Conner received an OIC letter and led the first all-female Landing Craft Crew on its first mission. Every operational position on board the LCAC was held by a female sailor. While at ACU-5, she attained her MBA from the Naval Post-Graduate School’s extended studies program. 

Upon a successful completion of duty at ACU-5, she reported to Department Head School in Newport, Rhode Island; upon completion she was assigned as the Weapons Officer/Combat System’s Officer aboard USS PINCKNEY (DDG 91). After a highly successful and challenging department head tour, she received orders to Commander Naval Surface Forces, in San Diego, California as the Force Diversity Officer, where she was responsible for the retention and recruitment of minority and female officers. 

Her military awards and decorations include a Meritorious Service Medal, two Navy Commendation Medals, three Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals, and various other service and unit awards.

Angela Warneke, Social Worker with HHSA

U.S. Army

January 1996-February 2002: Automated Logistical Specialists 92A


Staff Sergeant Kourtney Almodovar, Sheriff's Department

Air National Guard

-Currently stationed at March Air Reserve Base in Riverside, California.
-Enlisted in January 2011 as a Knowledge Operations Manager (now known as Administration).
-January 2016 reclassified to the Equal Opportunity Specialist career field where my job is to promote a positive environment where individuals are respected regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, or sex and instruct the Military Equal Opportunity (MEO) and Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) Course.
-In December will be re-enlisting for an additional 2 years. 


Ben McLernon, Environmental Health, Hazardous Materials Division


I enlisted in the Army at the age of 19 in 1990 as a Cannon Fire Direction Specialist. In short, the job consisted of running a field artillery battery with a team of six to eight guys crammed into a small tracked vehicle.  We typically ran eight M109, 155mm self-propelled howitzers.  The job was fast paced, exciting, and

included everything from performing firing calculations (which included the rotation of the earth and meteorological data) to giving the firing commands to send rounds down range.  I was also fortunate enough to do training as a combat lifesaver, training in chemical weapons detection, and as an advanced party team member.  I did basic training in Fort Sill Oklahoma, was stationed in Germany with the Third Infantry Division, and Fort Bliss Texas. 


Israel Perez, Department of General Service, Fleet Management Division

US Marine Corps

I joined the Marine Corps on May 26, 1998 and attended the San Diego Boot Camp.

I served in:

Camp Fuji, Japan 1 year
Camp Pendleton, California 3 years
Chesapeake, Virginia 2 years
Manama, Bahrain (Middle East) 1 year
Iwakuni, Japan 5 years
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri 3 years
Camp Pendleton, California 2 years

I am glad to have served the United States in the US Marine Corps. I’ve learned a lot about other people’s culture, religion, and lifestyle. Learning about people gave me a better understanding of life, how to be a better leader, and how to understand people better. 


Dwight Flesher, Housing and Community Development Services

U.S. Navy,

Served 86-96 HM3/FMF (8404)

There’s nothing like serving in a Marine unit and to be call “Doc”

Semper Fi


Robert McConnaha, Probation

US Navy (retired)

Active Duty Navy 1985 – 1995

Navy Reserves 1995 - 2006

Fire Controlman (FC); MK 86, MK92, CIWIS, Harpoon, and Tomahawk weapons systems.

After two-years of trainings, duties include: Spruance Class Destroyer, US Fletcher DDG992.  The Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS).  Frigate USS George Philip FFG12, Military Police (Balboa Hospital), SPAWAR.

Awards include Navy Achievement Medal (NAM), Global War on Terrorism, Joint Service Achievement, 2 National Defense, 3 Naval Reserve Meritorious, 2 Good Conduct, and 5 Sea Ribbons.   


Armando Solorio, Probation Department

ARMY 1990-2012 (Retired)

Achieved the ranks of E-8 and Chief Warrant Officer.

Formal training received:

UH60 Pilot
Military Police
Psychological Operations
Helicopter Crew Chief  
Protective Service Training & Anti-Terrorism Driving
Anti-Terrorist/Force Protection Course
Helicopter Over Water Survival Training (HOST)
Survive, Evade, Resists, Escape (SERE) School
Jungle Operations Training Center
Joint Training Center
Joint Readiness Training Center
Airborne School
Air Assault School

I wish to thank all those who support the military.


Andrew Langley, APCD

United States Marine Corps June 2001 – June 2014

Served in the following units:

Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron-31, MCAS Beaufort, SC
Marine Security Guard Battalion, Helsinki Finland, Moscow Russia, San Salvador El Salvador
1st Intel Battalion , Camp Pendleton, CA
Marine Aerial Refueling Squadron- 352, MCAS Miramar, CA (Deployed 2008 in support of OIF)
1st Battalion Bravo Company, MCRD San Diego, CA
Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron- 466, MCAS Miramar, CA
3rd Marine Aircraft Wing G2, MCAS Miramar, CA
Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron- 16, MCAS Miramar, CA


Maureen M. Dunson, Human Resources

U.S. Army 1978 to 1980 

146th Aviation Attack and Helicopter Company

Camp Humphreys; 72E/71L

South Korea

Walter T. Steffen, San Diego County Probation Department

United States Marine Corps Veteran

Desert Storm Veteran


James Joseph Ramirez Jr. 

Medical Examiner Investigator with the Medical Examiner’s Office for 15 years

I served both the Navy and the Marines as a USN Corpsman from 1987 to 1995.

I Served during the Iraq Gulf War and Operation Desert Shield.

This is a picture from when I completed Corpsman School at the old Balboa Naval Hospital in 1987.


Rebecca L. Grignon, GRF - Probation

United States Navy  

I joined the Navy in January 1994 and served through January 2002. I was stationed in Guam for 2 ½ years and then I was deployed to San Diego and worked at Assault Craft Unit One for 3 years. I was the first female Assault Boat Coxswain. My last few years I served in Point Loma as a military police woman. 


Yadira Aguilar, District Attorney’s Office

United States Army Reserves

I served eight years in the Army Reserves as a power generator mechanic from 1995-1999 and as a military police officer from 1999-2004. I did my basic training in FT. Jackson, South Carolina and AIT at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland. During my service I was in the 301st Psychological Operations Unit, 382nd Military Police Detachment and the 314th Military Police Company.  I was also deployed on March 2003-January 2004  for Operation Iraqi Freedom as a Combat Military Police doing security for Camp Bucca detention facility, Baghdad and Kuwait. I am proud to have served my country and give thanks to all of those who have served in the past, present and future. 


Richard Pagdilao, HHSA/Child Welfare Services

USMC (Reserves) 4th Medical Battalion






Shannon Scott, HHSA

United States Navy

1995-2000 Personnel Specialist - Executed clerical and administrative duties involved in creating and maintaining personnel records. Counseled personnel concerning job description, training, advancement, pay, and benefits. Performed customer service in person, via telephone, and email. Directed customer service training program. Maintained confidentiality of sensitive material. Prepared travel forms and advanced pay check requests. Utilized and maintained current personnel administration publications and directives. Determined benefits eligibility. Compiled data, prepared reports, followed accounting procedures, and constructed accounting data. Determined entitlement for pay, allowances, and bonuses.

  • Awarded Navy Achievement Medal for streamlining personnel transfer procedures within government guidelines saving 35 payroll hours per transfer.

  • Awarded 4 Letters of Commendation by the Secretary of the Navy for excellence in job performance.

  • Awarded Joint Meritorious Unit Commendation for excellence in personnel support and administration.

Christopher Strows, HHSA, Behavioral Health Services, Quality Improvement Unit, Performance Improvement Team

US Navy

I served 13 years as a Machinest Mate onboard fast-attack submarines. I enjoyed my service, the comradery that I built, and the ability to serve my country. My tours include:

  • USS Guardfish (SSN 612) – 594 Permit Class Nuclear Submarine - Decommissioning Crew

  • USS Houston (SSN 713) – 688 Los Angeles Class Nuclear Fast-Attack Submarine - Two Western Pacific Deployments, Auxiliary Division, Damage Control Petty Officer

  • USS McKee (AS-41) – Submarine Tender – repair submarine Oxygen and Nitrogen Systems

  • Submarine Training Facility San Diego – Certified Master Training Specialist, 3 years as a Firefighting Instructor, Oxygen Generator Operator, and Diesel Engine Operator

  • USS Salt Lake City (SSN 716) - 688 Los Angeles Class Nuclear Fast-Attack Submarine - One Western Pacific Deployment, Auxiliary Division Leading Petty Officer, Damage Control Petty Officer

Wendy E Bohy, AA II, Sheriff's Department

United States Navy

Interior Communications Electrician

Petty Officer 2nd Class

USS Simon Lake, AS-33, Submarine Tender

Kings Bay, Georgia


Dennis Carney, Probation

US Coast Guard

Chief Warrant Officer, 23 yrs. Of service including two deployments in support of OIF/OEF. 







Clinton I. Smith, San Diego County Assessor Recorder County Clerk

United States Marine Corps

Retired, Honorably, 20 years

Lee Ann Bishop


United States Navy

Aviation Ordnanceman (AW/SW) 2nd Class
USS Nimitz


William Blank, HHSA—ACCESS


Retired after 20 years of Service.

I served on board the following ships:

My shore duty stations were: Mare Island Naval Station (Vallejo, Ca) and NAB CORONADO.

Some of the cities/countries I visited were:
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rota and Barcelona, Spain
Rome, Italy
Genoa, Bari, Naples and Taranto Italy
Cannes, France
Perth, Australia
Hong Kong

I’ve got to not only see the above countries but got to meet some really good people and here their stories and experience some of what their life is about.


Toi Bradley, HHSA

US Navy Reserve

RM3 Served 1984-1990






James_Stone (1).jpg

James L. Stone, HHSA


Retired as Command Master Chief/Senior Enlisted Advisor, Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron Three, (HSC-3), San Diego, CA in April, 2008.

Awards - 2 Meritorious Service Medals/3 Navy Commendation Medals/3Navy-Marine Corps Achievement Medals/8 Navy Good Conduct Medals /Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal/Global War on Terrorism Service Medal 8 Navy Sea Service Deployment Ribbons

Walter de Lorrell III, Sr. Deputy County Counsel

US Army Reserve, Military Police 1992-2008

From left to right: Julia Pascual (sister), Albert Aguirre (uncle) US Army Paratrooper Korean War Veteran, Sargent Beatrice E. Maleno Gaeta (USMC) and (COSD HHSA) and Staff Sargent Jorge Maleno Huerta (brother) (USMC) and (County of San Diego Sheriff).

From left to right: Julia Pascual (sister), Albert Aguirre (uncle) US Army Paratrooper Korean War Veteran, Sargent Beatrice E. Maleno Gaeta (USMC) and (COSD HHSA) and Staff Sargent Jorge Maleno Huerta (brother) (USMC) and (County of San Diego Sheriff).

Beatrice E. Maleno Gaeta, HHSA NEFRC

United States Marine Corps

I served active duty at 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, MCAS Miramar from May 4, 1998 to August 2002. While on active duty service I was attached to the following units: VMFA 314 and Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 11 (MALS-11). During my tour of duty overseas on the USS John C. Stennis; I served in Operation Southern Watch. My final tour of active duty allowed me to serve in Operation Enduring Freedom under MALS-11.

Fredrick McCollum, Probation Department

Retired United States Navy, but served in the United States Army, also.

Served in the United States Army from 1976-1980; Served in the United States Navy from 1981-1997. 

Candie James, HHSA – SRFRC

US Air Force

OR Tech (Operating Room Technician)


Raymond Wood, Agriculture, Weights and Measures 

1st Calvary division US Army


Brian Lerner, Health and Human Services Agency, Child Welfare Services, North Coastal Region

Sergeant, USMC
0231 – Intelligence Specialist
Served in Operation Iraqi Freedom – 1 (2003).

Served with the following units:
7th Engineer Support Battalion
MCAS Camp Pendleton, H&HS SQDN
4th Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion
MAG 46


Susie Quinteros – Probation Department

I served eight years in the Army National Guard as a military police officer from 2001-2009. Two weeks after 9/11/11,  I deployed to Ft. Lewis, Washington. My unit was responsible for conducting patrol on base, conducting DUI checkpoints, responding to emergencies, and maintaining security at all gates. My deployment ended in September 2003. In 2004, I had the opportunity to go to Germany

and train with the military police officers assigned to the post as well as with German nationals. In 2005, my unit trained with the Sacramento Fire Department for three weeks and became certified to conduct search and rescue missions. I am proud to say I am now a veteran and am very happy I made the decision to serve my country and community.


Jesse Sebastian, Sheriff's Department

United States Army

Enlisted as a 12B Combat Engineer at the age of 17 from 2007 up until 2013. During 6 years with the Army I got licensed on various vehicles, blew a lot of stuff up, and shot all sorts of weapons. ENGINEERS LEAD THE WAY!

Humvee Licensed Driver and Gunner
HEMMTT Licensed Driver
Armored Personnel Carrier Driver and Gunner
Expert Badge (M16A4/M4A1)
Expert Badge (M67 Grenade)
Explosives Handling Certified
Weapons Expert for the Unit
Weapons Qualification Range Cadre

Charles Yates, Sheriff – Data Services Division


I served on both coasts of the US as well as deployments to the Mediterranean and South Vietnam.


Timothy Mathues, Human Resources

U. S. Marine Corps.

I am a Vietnam Veteran and served with 3rd Battalion 7th Marine Regiment 1st Marine Division from 1969 to 1971

I served in the DaNang area of Operations. I was stationed on a Landing Zone called LZ Baldy and Fire Support Base Ross.

I am the Veterans Outreach Coordinator for The County of San Diego/Department of Human Resources.


Lisa Paredes, DEH-Food and Housing


Served from August 2002-June 2007

AM3 (Aviation Mechanic)

Served with VS-21 and VAW-115

Aboard CV-63 USS Kitty Hawk

Stationed in Atsugi, Japan


Deborah L. Duffin, Health and Human Services Agency


1976 through 1979 Stationed in Karlsruhe, Germany, Telecommunications Specialist.


Lyndsie Exum, Probation Department

U.S. Navy

As a Operation Specialist deployed on board the USS Boxer, my fondest moment while serving was the aid and assistance in the operation mission to rescue Captain Richard Phillips from hijackers on board his cargo ship Maersk Alabama.   

Brian Fritz, Probation Dept. CDPO1, EMJDF 01/08 TO PRESENT

02/93 TO 01/01
Construction Mechanic 3rd class

Beachmaster Unit 1 for 5 years in Coronado

Naval Special Warfare, Support, 3 years in Coronado


Faytera T. Doddy, San Diego County Veterans Service Office

United States Navy

I served from 2007-2012 as an Aviation Boatswains Mate Equipment (ABE).

I was stationed onboard the Uss Nimitz Cvn 68 where I launched and recovered Aircraft. 


Darren Hughes, Analyst for HHSA/Child Welfare Services

United States Air Force

I served on active duty as an Aircraft Guidance and Control Craftsman from 1982 – 2002, retiring as a Master Sergeant (E-7). Duties included maintenance of flight instrument and autopilot systems on B-52, KC-135, F-4, H-1, and other aircraft at bases in California, Oklahoma, and North Dakota. Temporary overseas assignments took me to 13 countries, with extended duty in Guam, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Spain. Highlights include

meeting the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, working on Vice-President Gore’s Air Force Two, and keeping on the job in temperatures of 120 degrees above zero and 45 below and through blizzards and sandstorms. I am proud to have served, as did my older brother (USAF-ret.) and our father (USN-ret.), and happy to continue working on aircraft as a volunteer aboard the USS Midway.


Jon Saunders, Ag, Weights and Measures

I served in the U.S. NAVY as a Hospital Corpsman from 1985- 1988. Did all of my tour at Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton. I served as a ward Corpsman the eventually as an admission clerk. I did one week of Fleet Hospital Training in the event I was needed in that capacity.


Kimberla Titus

Department of Housing & Community Development Services

US NAVY. Data Processing Training Petty Officer in Naval Communications; Area Master Station of the Atlantic Fleet

I had the great privilege of escorting President Reagan on a tour of the new Communications Facility in Norfolk, VA.


Fernando Arce, Jr.,

Human Services Specialist for HHSA. 

I was in the US Navy from 1993 to 2000. Served as an Engineman on the USS Coronado and at US Naval Air Station North Island.

Raul Serrano

Junior Air Pollution Chemist for LUEG

Served in the Air Force during The War in Afghanistan 1999-2003 as an C-130H avionics technician.

Deployed three times during 2001-2003 in support of the war effort.


Louie Q. Ravana

San Diego County Registrar of Voters, Logistics and Warehouse Operations

At the age of 22, I started my career in the U.S. Navy with a rank of Seaman Recruit (E-1), Served for 24 years retired at the age 46 with the rank of Chief Petty Officer (E-7) Served in six different combatant ships with different missions in the fleet.

Deployed in the Pacific and visited different countries and cities meeting different people with different cultures, customs and traditions. Out of 24 years, I served four shore tours both stateside and overseas under the Navy’s Supply Systems. Retired from the Navy in March 1999 and joined the county in January 2000.

From then up to the present, I’ve been in five different jobs including my present position as a Senior Storekeeper in the ROV warehouse. 


Oscar Garcia

Procurement Specialist, Purchasing & Contracting, CSG

I was in the Marine Corps from 2003-2008 and was part of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2004-05 and again in '06-'07.

Michael D. Bowden


United States Army, B104 Military Intelligence Ft. Carson, Colorado

Job assignment: Provide support to infantry units  


Arvin Budomo

Deputy Probation Officer, PSG

U.S. Navy Reserves 1988 to 2006. Served in Operation Desert Storm/Shield, Operation Southern Watch, Operation Enduring Freedom.

Previous duty stations: 4th Medical Battalion, 1st Marine Division, Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton, USS Racine LST 1191, Broadened Opportunity Officer Selection and Training (BOOST 94), NAS Pensacola, USS Abraham Lincoln CVN-72, Navy/ Marine Corps Reserve and Readiness Center San Diego.


Edgar Jimenez

Probation, PSG

I served in the Marine Corps, my rank was Corporal during the Iraq invasion on March 20, 2003.


Mike Vizzier


I was on active duty with U.S. Navy (Naval Academy) from 1968-1972, and the U.S. Marine Corps, from 1972-1992. I served in the 1st and 3rd Marine Air Wings and the 1st Marine Division.


Patrick DeGuzman

Veterans Service Office

Branch: US Marine Corps, Infantry/Rifleman/Scout

Trac Pham

DCSS Legal

USMC Reserves, 2003-2011


Ed Ramos

Senior Accountant, HHSA

Served in the US Navy from March 1980 and retired as a Senior Chief in February 1999.


Felix Sanchez

Program Specialist II, HHSA Eligibility Operations

Branch: U.S. Army

Permanent Duty Station:  Fort Ord, CA

MOS:  Fire Support Specialist (13F)

MOS Overview:  A Fire Support Specialist is a member of the Army's field artillery team. The Fire Support Specialist is primarily responsible for leading, supervising or serving in intelligence activities such as target processing for artillery units and maneuver brigades.

Dates of service: 1989-1992

Tour of Duties:  1992 Los Angeles Riots (Non-Combat)


Rea Alvarez  

HHSA Aging & Independence Services

United States Navy – LT, XO
LCS Squadron – Navy Base San Diego

Training Officer for Expeditionary Combat Readiness Center

Overseas assignments included Atsugi, Japan; Naples, Italy; Bahrain; and stateside assignments include Illinois, Rhode Island, Michigan, Tennessee, Virginia, and Mississippi.

Victor Morales

Assistant Child Support Officer in the call center in downtown NBC8.

I served in the United States Navy from September 2007 to January 2012. 

 Stacie Meguro

Dept. (TR) Therapeutic Recreation. Therapeutic Recreation Aide, Edgemoor Hospital

Served 6 years in the U.S. Navy.  1989-1995. Served during Desert Storm, Deployed for 6 months as well as

Several other Sea Trials. During Deployment, had the opportunity to travel to; Singapore, Japan, Guam, Hawaii, Thailand, Hong Kong and, Dubai; United Emeritus.

Worked aboard the ship USS McKee, A Submarine Tender.  EN3, In Engineering, In A-Gang., Division, working on Steam, Auxilliary, Diesel Engines, A/C Units, O2/N2, (Oxygen/Nitrogen Plants), Boiler and Engine Room as well as other systems  that help propel or steer the ship. Worked at 32nd Street Naval Base, P-250 Engine Shop, Worked on Fire Fighting Equipment and Governors.

While serving, received various awards and honors, including Battle E., for Ships Excellence in Preparation, as well as Sailor Of the Quarter. Met my Husband of 23 years while serving as well, who has since then retired.


Ian Guiab,


Navy. Worked as a Builder(BU) in the NAVY RESERVES. Oohrah Seabees!


Cici McKee

Human Resources/Risk Management


I went to boot camp in Parrish Island, South Carolina and got stationed at MCRD in San Diego through out my 3-year term from 1975 to 1978 in the Admin Division.


Brenda Salazar



Stationed in Ft Hood, TX and in Hanau, Germany

Served our country from 1998-2006

4 years active and 4 years reserve duty


Craig Lawson

AWM/Standards Enforcement

US Navy

Served six years aboard two submarines as an engine room mechanic.


MaeColleen Balcobero

Probation Department

United States Air Force Reserve (1999 – present)

Proudly serving my country working with Health Care Administration.  I have been stationed at March Air Reserve Base, California, Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii and Travis Air Force Base, California and have assisted with aeromedical transport of wounded service members and their families at Ramstein Air Base, Germany and Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii.

Happy Veterans Day to all those who have dedicated their lives to serving our country.  Thank you to the County of San Diego for your continued love and support for all of our military and their service.


Jennifer McIntyre

Senior Probation Officer, Probation Department

U.S. Navy (active duty), July 2000-July 2006

I served as a Fire Controlman (FC2(SW)) onboard the USS Normandy (CG 60), stationed out of Norfolk, VA. I was the supervisor of the work center responsible for the maintenance and operation of two large-caliber self-defense weapon systems (CIWS). I also worked with MK 86, Harpoon, Tomahawk, Aegis systems, in the ship’s armory, and as the lead Duty Master-at-Arms. I was on the ship’s Force Protection Training Team, Combat Systems Training Team, Detainee Security Team, was a Missile Systems Supervisor (MSS), and a Combat Systems Officer of the Watch (CSOOW).

I was also my division’s training officer and department’s career counselor. I participated in two six-month deployments to the Middle East in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.


Julian Shelby

County Technology Office

U.S. Navy

I joined the Navy the day after I turned 17 years old. I went to boot camp for 2 months in Illinois, spent a year of Advanced First Term Avionics (Aviation Electronics) training in Memphis, TN. area, and in October 1987, moved to beautiful San Diego. And I’m still here! I am a proud veteran of the Cold and the first Gulf Wars.


Millie Munguia

HSS, HHSA Center City FRC

US ARMY. Served 4 years and veteran of Desert Storm/Desert Shield/Persian Gulf War

Rebecca Lynn Grignon

Probation Department

Boatswains Mate Third Class, January 02, 1994-2012

I served my first 3 years in Guam onboard the USS Holland Submarine Tender. Next 3 year as the first female Assault Boat Coxswain in Coronado, California. Last few years as Military Police at Naval Submarine Base Point Loma


Raychelle Lee

Health and Human Services

U.S. Army. Served in Kosovo and stationed in Kaiserslautern Germany and Fort Riley-Kansas. Served our country from 1998-2006.


Nathan Manuel

Child Support Services

US Navy October 1989 till September 2000

I was a Gunner’s Mate Missiles second class. I served on board the USS Caron DD 970 and the USS Monterrey CG 64
Both ships were stationed at Norfolk Naval Base VA.
Also stationed at Yorktown Naval Weapons Station in Yorktown VA.
Served in Operation Desert Storm and Desert Shield 1991 and 1993.
Countless other operations ranging from rescuing Cuban migrants from waters off the coast of Cuba in 1995, to patrolling the Caribbean for drug boats in the '90s. Enjoyed serving my country and would do it again if needed.


Gwyn Reed

Auditor and Controller


Illustrator for the Officer Candidates School (OCS) at Quantico, VA.


Ken  Mallen

Probation Department

U.S Air Force - 1969 thru 1973 - Honorable discharge - Sergeant

Vietnam veteran - Jet engine mechanic 

Joe Abellar

Sheriff's Department

US Navy – Retired Senior Chief Personnelman - PNCS(SW)

I retired in September 1996 after serving honorably for over 25 years.  I attended recruit training at Recruit Training Command in San Diego, CA and went to Personnelman "A" school right after boot camp.  My first duty station was as ship's company on board the carrier USS RANGER (CVA-61).  Other duty stations served included:  Naval Air Station Miramar, Naval Support Force Antarctica (NSFA), NETSPAC San Diego, CA, USS REASONER (FF-1063), Personnel Support Detachment,, Recruit Training Command, San Diego, CA and the Fighting Redcocks of VFA-22 aboard USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN-72).  Sea time included two deployments to the Western Pacific on board the USS RANGER (CVA-61) during the Vietnam conflict, two deployments to McMurdo Station in the Antarctic as part of the WINFLY and summer support groups Operation DEEP FREEZ, two deployments on board the frigate USS REASONER (FF-1063) in the Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz.  USS REASONER was also part of the USS ENTERPRISE (CVN-65) carrier air group which crossed the Suez Canal from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean See during the Libyan conflict in 1986.  My last duty station was with the Fighter Squadron VFA-22 embarked on board USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN-72) that also made two deployments to the Indian Ocean and the North Arabian Sea.

Ports visited:  Hawaii, Yokosuka and Sasebo Japan, Subic Bay Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Penang Malaysia, Jakarta Indonesia, Madras India, Dubai UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Vancouver BC, Christchurch New Zealand, and McMurdo Station Antarctica, Naples, Sigonella, Sicily, Rome, island of Capri, and St. Tropez France.  Some personal highlights and memorable periods of these deployments included landing to McMurdo Station, Antarctica aboard a ski-equipped C-130 Hercules landing on the "ICE", being hoisted up by an ASW helicopter for transfer from one ship to another, being a passenger of C-2 plane landing on an aircraft carrier, and crossing the Suez Canal standing watch as part of the small craft action team manning 50 Cal machine gun from atop the ship's helo hangar.
Earned the following medals and awards:  National Defense Service Medal, Good Conduct Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal, Antarctic Service Medal, Southwest Asia Service Medal, Sea Service Deployment Ribbon, Meritorious Unit Commendation, Navy Achievement Medal, Navy Commendation Medal.


Linda Feeley, Agriculture

Weights and Measures

I was in the United States Navy from 1981 to 1986. Most of my career was in Rota, Spain as an AD2-Aviation Machinist’s Mate Second Class, working as a helicopter mechanic on the SH-3G Helicopters attached to NAVSTA Rota, Spain. Hoo Rah!

Allen Hunsberger

Purchasing and Contracting
U.S. Navy Reserve:  1991 - present
Intelligence Specialist and Intelligence Officer

Rewarding career providing intelligence support for many commands.  Mobilized and deployed for Operation Iraqi Freedom with Naval Special Warfare Group One.  

Susan Budzien

Auditor and Controller

USMC; 1993 – 2002; Staff Sergeant (E-6)
3441 NAF Audit Tech – Audited revenue generating activities on Military Bases
5711 Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defense Specialist
2831 AN/TRC – 170 Repairer
Awarded a Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medal; Certificate of Commendation
Rifle (M16) Expert Badge – Awarded x7
Pistol Expert Badge 

Paul Yale

Health and Human Services

I was in the U.S. Navy for 8 years as a MS2/CS2 which was our designation for cooks. I served with VS-33 squadron/NASNI galley and aboard USS Nimitiz and USS John C. Stennis from Jan. 1997-Apr. 2001 and then at Naval Medical Center Balboa from Apr. 2001-June 2004.

Fred McCamic

Planning & Development Services
Army Medical Corps, 1969-71


Donnie Relieve

Health and Human Services

U.S. Navy
Honorably served over 20 years of active service from being a sailor to an officer. He takes great pleasure and honor to continue serving the military and veterans community. 


Gail Pomare

Health and Human Services

I was in The Marine Corps for 13 years.  I reached the rank of Sgt.  I was in the Communications  field, but later became a Combat photographer.  I spent my time in the Corps in Okinawa and MCB Camp Pendleton.  I joined at the age of 17, while still in high school.  I went to boot camp Sept of 1979 and graduated on my 18th birthday, November 5th of that same year.  I am from Georgia, married for 31 years to a retired Marine. Semper Fi.   


Jonathan Lim

District Attorney's Office USAF Reserves

I am currently a SrA (Senior Airmen) assigned to the 56th Aerial Port Squadron located in March ARB (Air Reserve Base) Riverside.


Victoria Loftis

Public Works

Stationed at the following
Lowry AFB, Co
Shepard AFB, TX
Mather AFB, CA
Clark AFB, Philippine Islands
Dyess AFB, TX

Dana Trotter


US Navy (2000-2006)    
Stationed: USS Nassau, Naval Station Norfolk and VC-6 in Norfolk, VA


Frank Jessie


Served from 06/23/1969 until 11/30/1996
US Marine Corps
I held positions as Geodetic Surveyor, Cartographer and Terrain Analyst while serving in the Corps.
Participated in Desert Shield/Storm as a member of I MEF, 1st Topographic Platoon.
Extensive Traveling while I served. 


Vilasack Manisouk

General Service

USN       1990-2000
USNR    2000-2005
Duty Stations:

Michael D. Bowden

Health and Human Services

United States Army
Military Intelligence, Ft. Carson, Colo 


Tom Splitgerber

Health and Human Services

Retired after serving 30 years in the United States Navy with the rank of Captain.  I was the Commanding Officer of two Dental Commands and the Director of the Veterans Museum and Memorial Center in Balboa Park.  I have been the County Veterans Service Officer for the past 10 years.


 Michael Piepenburg

Health and Human Services

Retired after serving 30 years in the United States Navy with as a Command Master Chief.  Retired from San Luis Obispo County as the County Veterans Service Officer and currently is the Senior Veterans Service Representative for San Diego County. 

Sandra Tompkins

Health and Human Services

US Navy, 1983-1987
Served in Rota, Spain as a Mess Management Specialist. Worked at the BEQ, BOQ as a front desk clerk and building petty officer.


John Fuss

Deployed 1979 Iranian hostage rescue.

United States Navy
Deployed 1979 Iranian hostage rescue


Khris Goodloe

Health and Human Services
Human Service Specialist

U.S. Navy 4 years 2002-2005 


Loreto (Louie) Q. Ravana

 Registrar of Voters

U.S. Navy
Retired as a Chief Petty Officer (Supply) I  served on board the following ships; USS Oklahoma City (CG-5), USS Bristol County (LST-1198), USS Acadia (AD-42), USS Schenectady (LST-1185) USS Leahy( CG-16), USS Juneau (LPD-10)
Deployed throughout the Pacific and visited Various Ports such as;

Hawaii, Guam, South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates. As a Chief Ship’s Serviceman, I’m in charge of the S-3 Division, responsible for the proper operation of the Ship’s Store, Barber Shop, Laundry and Vending Machines and also responsible for raising fund for the Ship’s Welfare and Recreation Fund for the crew through profits made from the ship’s store and vending machines sales. I spent most of my time in the service on board ships and had three shore duties (1) Fleet Industrial and Supply Center, Yokosuka Japan, (2) Defense Commissary Agency, Subic Bay Philippines and(3)  Naval Medical Center (Supply Management) San Diego, CA.

In the picture I’m the one in White Chief Petty Officer uniform and the gentleman next to me is my son 2nd Lt. Louie Morillo Ravana  Jr. U.S. Air Force.


Ernie Liwag

Environmental Health

2000-2001 US Navy (E-1, Unrated)                                
2001-2003 US Navy (Appointed to the US Naval Academy, Midshipman 2/C, Unrated)
2004-2008 US Air Force Reserve (E-4, Public Health Technician)
2011-PRESENT US Army Reserve (1LT, Heath Services Administrator)

Grateful to a nation that has given my family so much. A strong military family tradition.  The opportunity to be a part of something greater than myself.  Contribute to our nation’s defense.  Patriotism.  These were the reasons I decided to enter military service and continue to do so today.

During my time in service I was able to experience flying a helicopter (SH-60), be underwater onboard a nuclear sub (USS Topeka), cruise on a guided missile destroyer (USS Stethem), train in combat operations with Marines (Quanitico, VA), become a Public Health Professional (USAFR, 752nd Medical Squadron), learn to manage and deliver efficient health care systems (32nd Medical Brigade), and train Soldiers to meet standards according to Army Doctrine (3/363rd TSBN).

Thank you to those who have served and continue to serve.  To the County of San Diego Employees- THANK YOU for your SERVICE to our community.  HOOAH!


Ricardo Topacio

Health and Human Services

My other duty stations:
USS Whipple (FF-1062) in Hawaii
NMCB-62 (Seabees)  Gulfport, Mississippi, Diego Garcia and Guam
Navy Commissary, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
USS Bolster (ARS-38) in Hawaii
USS Kiska (AE-35) Concord, CA
Navy Commissary in 32nd st, San Diego
USS Marvin Shields (FF1066) San Diego9
Navy Commissary in Treasure Island, CA
USS Coronado (AGF-11) North Island, CA
Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Naval Amphibious Base, Coronado, CA

Foreign ports visited during my 24 years in the Navy: Subic Bay, Philippines; Bangkok, Thailand; Taiwan;  Chinhae, Korea; Singapore; Hong Kong; Bunbury, Australia; Dubai; Oman; Bahrain; Djaboutti, Africa;   Diego Garcia; Micronesia; Yokosuka, Japan; Karachi, Pakistan; Vancouver, Canada

Alejandro Zavala, beneath plane

Alejandro Zavala, beneath plane

Alejandro Zavala

Health and Human Services

United States Navy (2002-2010)

I was an Aviation Boatswains Mate Launching and Recovering Equipment (ABE for short) My job focused on working on the equipment that ensures the safe landing and launching of Naval Aircraft. I served aboard the USS Ronald Reagan from 2002-2008 and also was part of the original crew that was stationed aboard

during the construction of the ship.  I worked on and responsible for the upkeep of two catapults while aboard.  The perks of the job was being able to be around aircraft and actually hooking the aircraft up to the catapult hence the pictures.  After my time aboard I transferred to Naval Air Station Kingsville in Texas from 2008 to 2010.  My primary job while serving there was maintaining and up-keeping the shore based arresting gear that ensured the safe emergency landing for training pilots who do not have a means of stopping there training aircraft.

Michelle Deitrich

Health and Human Services

US Navy

I was on active duty from 12/80 to 12/84. I completed boot-camp in Orlando, FL and was stationed in Washington D.C. – Navy Annex.  I re-enlisted in the US Navy Reserves in November 1996. I retired as Yeoman First Class in July 2012. I was mobilized in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and stationed at MacDill AFB in Tampa, FL. My dad and husband were Air Force; my brother a Marine. My two sons are both active duty Army. I’m very proud of our family service.


Barbara Stone

Treasurer-Tax Collector

US Army 1986-1989
Stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, Ammunition Specialist.

Kurt W. Greiner

Sheriff's Department

U.S. Navy.
I was an MSC (SS) of the Food Services Divisions onboard seven different submarines in my 20 years, including Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarines and Fast Attack boats in both the Atlantic and Pacific Fleets. I was deployed during the Gulf War and during numerous special operations during my career. I am now an Assistant Chief of Food Services with the Sheriff's Department.    


Myrna T. Catubay


U.S. Navy, HMCS (RET)

I served 20 years with the U.S. Navy during March 1980–March 2000, and retired as a Senior Chief Hospital Corpsman/Laboratory Technician. I was stationed at various naval hospitals/clinics, including a deployment with Operation Desert Shield/ Desert Storm aboard the USNS Mercy during the Persian Gulf War in 1990–91.

During 1992–1996, I served as an instructor in the Medical Laboratory Technician School for 4½ years at the Naval School of Health and Sciences here in San Diego.

I now work as a Public Health Microbiologist.

My other duty stations included:

Recruit Training Command (Orlando, FL)
Basic Hospital Corps School (Great Lakes, IL)
Naval Hospital Great Lakes  (IL)
Basic Medical Laboratory School (Fort Sam, San Antonio, TX)
MEPS (Pittsburgh, PA)
Advanced Medical Laboratory School (Bethesda, MD)
Naval Hospital San Diego (CA)
Naval Medical Clinic (Pearl Harbor, HI)
Naval Hospital Oakland (CA)
Naval Hospital Yokosuka (Japan)


Jacqueline Santillanes

Edgemoor DPSNF

Service: USN / Retired

Dates of Active Duty:  January 11, 1982 to January 31, 2008

Rank at Discharge: Security Officer / Lieutenant

Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal (4)
Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (4)
Good Conduct Medal (5)
Sea Service Deployment Ribbon (3)
National Defense Service Medal
Global War On Terrorism Expeditionary Medal
Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal
Kuwait Liberation Medal
Overseas Service Ribbon
Southwest Asia Service Medal
Sharpshooter Pistol Ribbon
Meritorious Unit Commendation
Navy Unit Commendation
Ships deployed on:  USS Dixon, USS Samuel Gompers, USS McKee, USS Belleau Wood, Staff onboard USS Ronald Reagan.

Some of the ports visited:  Hong Kong, Diego Garcia, Malaysia, Bahrain, Guam, Singapore, Australia, Canada,  Philippines, Hawaii, United Arab Emirates, Korea.


Martin Cherry

Operations Manager - First 5 Commission

I am Martin Cherry, Operations Manager for the First 5 Commission (farthest to the right).  I retired from the Navy in 1999 as a Chief Petty Officer after 21 years.  The four men to the left are my sons.  From left to right they are Jesse, Ken, Adam, and Matt.  The three in uniform are officers in the Air Force (Adam was in the Air Force also but is now a Police Officer in Phoenix).  Jesse is a pilot, Ken is an Intelligence Officer, and Matt is in Logistics.  I am super proud of all of my boys.

I spent all my time in Southern California in San Diego, Long Beach and Ridgecrest California.  I was on 4 ships out of San Diego:  1) USS Berkeley, 2) USS Pigeon (submarine rescue), 3) USS Fox, and 4) USS Constellation (aircraft carrier).

I joined the Navy right out of High School.  I am proud to have served my country.


Carl Smith

Assistant Deputy Director, Department of Child Support Services

Carl Smith retired as a Chief Petty Officer with 20 years of service in July 2012. He reported for basic training in 1992 here in San Diego, and then transferred to Fleet Anti-Submarine Warfare Training Command where he completed “A” and “C” School training. In March 1994, he reported in USS Spruance (DD-963), where he conducted three Mediterranean deployments, a Black Sea deployment, and numerous counter-drug operations in Central and South America. From March 1999 to October 2004 , he transferred back to Fleet Anti-Submarine Warfare Training Command where he taught and developed Sonar System Maintenance courses. From 2004-2008 Chief Smith conducted Vessel Boarding Search and Seizure Operations throughout the Western Pacific and Arabian Gulf in support of Intelligence and Special Operations for Operation Iraqi Freedom. Chief Smith also served in USS Mobile Bay (CG-53), and finally ended his career at Commander, Naval Surface Forces Pacific.

Don Steu


Captain, USN
Active Duty: June, 1973-February, 2000

Among the ships deployed in:

  1. USS Independence (CV 62)

  2. USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63)

  3. USS Constellation (CV 64)

  4. USS John F Kennedy (CV 67)

  5. USS Dwight D Eisenhower (CVN 69)

  6. USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70)

  7. USS John C Stennis (CVN 74)

  8. USS Long Beach (CGN 9)

  9. USS Texas (CGN 39)

  10. USS LaSalle (AGF 3)

  11. USS Mount Whitney (LCC/JCC 20)

Notable Assignments Afloat:

  1. Line Division Officer, Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Eleven (HS 11)

  2. Operations Department Head, Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Four (HS 4)

  3. Flag Secretary, Cruiser-Destroyer Group Three

  4. Executive Officer, Anti-Submarine Squadron Eight (HS 8)

  5. Commanding Officer, Helicopter Anti-Submarine Eight (HS 8)

  6. Chief of Staff, Naval Striking and Support Forces Southern Europe

Notable Assignments Ashore:

  1. Chief of Naval Operations Staff, Aviation Logistics Analyst

  2. Chief of Naval Operations Staff, Executive Assistant, Chief of Operations Analysis

  3. Anti-Submarine Warfare Wing Pacific Fleet, Helicopter Anti-Submarine Warfare Training Officer

  4. Chief of Naval Operations Staff, Requirements Officer, Aircraft Carrier based Helicopters

  5. Commanding Officer, Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Ten

  6. Commanding Officer, Naval Air Station North Island/Naval Base Coronado

Among Aircraft Flown:

  1. T-34 Mentor

  2. T-28 Trojan

  3. TH-57 Jet Ranger

  4. H-1 Huey (single and twin engine versions)

  5. SH-3 Sea King

  6. SH-60 Sea Hawk

  7. C-2 Beech Craft King Air

Notable Personal Decorations:

  1. Department of Defense Superior Service Medal

  2. Legion of Merit

  3. Meritorious Service Medal (3 awards)

  4. Navy /Marine Corps Commendation Medal (3 awards)

  5. NATO Medal (Balkans)

  6. Kuwait Liberation Medal

  7. Southwest Asia Service Medal

  8. Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal

  9. National Defense Medal

  10. Meritorious Unit Commendation 

Bob Muballe


Bob Muballe began working at our County Mental Health Case Management 7months ago. Bob's start date was delayed because he was deployed with the US Army for training.  Bob entered our program and quickly became a team player here brightening everyone's day with his personality.  Currently, Bob is deployed again for a year as a medic with the US Army. We wanted everyone to know how much we appreciate him. We wish him well and a speedy and safe return.

Janet Rose


Hospital Corpsman 1st Class                      

I served in the United States Navy from 1984  to 1997.  During those 13 years I have worked as a ward corpsman, a Urological Technician and an Independent Duty Corpsman. 

Honors include: Navy Achievement Medal, Navy Good Conduct, National Defense Service  Medal, Overseas Service Ribbon

Duty Stations:

Naval Hospital San Diego

Naval Hospital Guam

Naval Hospital Groton, CT

Naval Hospital 29 Palms              

I enjoyed serving my country and salute the service men and women who carry on that tradition.  


Amber J. Griffith


Medical Laboratory Technician, SRA, USAF, April 1995 – April 2001

I served in the US Air Force for 6 years after high-school. I worked as a med lab tech at Wilford Hall Medical Center on Lackland AFB in San Antonio Texas for my entire enlistment. I worked in the Emergency Department, Blood Gas, Special Chemistry, Chemistry, Microbiology and Hematology labs, and regularly performed phlebotomy. I witnessed people in the best and worst conditions of their lives. I received an honorable discharge in 2001, and then used my GI Bill for college.

Kurt Greiner

Sheriff's Department

Chief Petty Officer Greiner joined the US Navy and volunteered for submarine duty. He was stationed onboard the USS Nathanael Greene (SSBN 636B) and USS Sam Rayburn (SSBN 635G) based out of Holy Loch, Scotland completing 12 Strategic Deterrent Patrols. He transferred to the USS Billfish (SSN 676) completing several classified Special Operations and a 6 month Mediterranean Cruise. He was also onboard USS Haddo (SSN 604) and the USS Haddock (SSN 621) completing 5 Western Pacific and Indian Ocean Deployments and numerous Special Operations. He was assigned to the USS Boston (SSN 703) and completed a ten month Depot Maintenance Period at Portsmouth, New Hampshire. His final assignment was the USS Asheville (SSN 758) where he completed extended operations as part of the USS Carl Vinson Battle Group during Operations Southern Watch and other deployments before retiring with over 21 years of service and joined the Sheriff's Department.

Sharon Tracy


Specialist SP4 U.S. Army October 1981 – October 1984

I served in the U.S. Army as a Electronic Warfare Signal Intelligence Non-communications Interceptor (98J). My basic training was at Ft. Dix, NJ, AIT school & Space Collections school at Ft. Devens, MA. I was stationed for 1 year in Sinop, Turkey & the remainder of my enlistment at Ft. Bliss, TX. While at Ft. Bliss, I was sent to Germany for a 2 month training mission.

John Gaffaney


John Gaffaney was serving as a captain in the Army Reserve when he was killed in the Fort Hood, Texas shooting in 2009. He had attempted to stop the gunman but was fatally wounded. He had earlier served in the Navy and California National Guard.

An HHSA colleague asked that he be remembered in our tribute.

Roberto T. Caroche


USN RETIRED. United States Navy – February 12, 1979 to June 30, 1999. A Gulf War veteran while serving onboard the aircraft carrier USS ENTERPRISE (CVN-65) at Persian Gulf.


Tori Bramhill


I served in the U.S. Navy from June 2003 – March 2007.  I was an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and had a final rank of AE3 (Petty Officer 3rd Class).  I served on board the U.S.S. Nimitz and went on one WestPac where I visited Hong Kong, Malaysia, Bahrain, Dubai, Guam and Australia.  Honors and awards include:

Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal
National Defense Service Medal
Navy Good Conduct Medal
Global War On Terrorism Service Medal
Global War On Terrorism Expeditionary Medal
Sea Service Deployment Ribbon
Aviation Warfare Specialist Pin


Rene Colon
General Services

United States Navy January 24, 1986 – September 30, 2006

Retired as Chief Boatswain’s Mate(SW)


AFDM – 14
USS Stump DD-978
USS Peterson DD-969
USS Obrien DD-975
USS Halsey CG-23
USS John Young DD-973
SIMA San Diego
Naval Base San Diego 32nd Street

Kristie R. Makowsky

Veteran, US Army
Specialist SP5 Fort Polk, LA
My son is current serving too… a proud family tradition…5th generation


Alan Reddick


US Army 1969-1971
Expert Badge M16a2 Rifle
175 Mm Howitzer Crew Member
Medic And X-Ray Technician
30th Field Hospital
Augsburg, Germany
Certificate. Of Appreciation
Honorable Discharge 

Areleous Burton

Agriculture/Weights & Measures

I spent four years in the US Army as a Personnel Administration Specialist, spending my last year in the Army with 82nd Airborne Division.   I had a total of 15 jumps while with the 82nd.  I also spent 16 years in the US Coast Guard as an ST (Sonar Technician) & ET (Electronics Technician), with my last five years as a COMSEC (Secure Communications) instructor. 

Our Coast Guard Cutter was the first one on scene at the Exxon Valdez oil spill; another of my cutters was lead cutter of the Haitian Operation, bringing Haitians trying to come into the U.S. back to Gitmo (Guantanamo Bay, Cuba), temporarily until they could be repatriated.  Honorably discharged at expiration of term of service.


Louis Johnson


US Navy 1982-2002 (Operations Specialist)

Served aboard:   USS Okinawa LPH-3; USS Essex-LHD-2; USS Tarawa LHA-1

Some ops: Desert Storm/Shield; Nato operations Mogadishu; Relief to USS Cole

Awards: Nato award; Combat Action ribbon; Navy Achievement Medal; Sea Service; Good Conduct Award.

Proud to serve and glad the Navy showed me the world.


George Gonzales

Sheriff's Department

Service: California Army National Guard

Active Duty: Dec 1976 – 1979, 1/325th IN, 82nd Airborne Division

US Army Reserve 1980 – 83, National Guard 1996 – Present

Present Rank: Sergeant Major (E-9)

Currently serving with the 40th Infantry Division, General's Staff - Future Plans and Strategy (G5)

Prior Assignments: First Sergeant - Headquarters Company, 40th Infantry Division.

First Sergeant - Headquarters Company 2/185th Battalion, 40th Infantry Division

Operations Sergeant, 2nd Brigade, 40th Infantry Division

Decorations, Awards and Citations:

Army Commendation Medal (4 Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster)

Army Achievement Medal (1 Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster)

Good Conduct Medal (Bronze Clasp 2 Loops)

National Defense Service Medal

NCO Professional Development Ribbon (Numeral 3)

Armed Forces Reserve Medal (M Device, X Device)

Army Service Ribbon

Army Reserve Components Overseas Training Ribbon (Numeral 3)

South Carolina State Ribbon

Parachutist Badge

Expert Badge (M9 Pistol)

Expert Badge (M16A2 Rifle)

Expert Badge (M67 Grenade)

USAJ / 9th TAACOM, Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Contribution

JTFWG ARFOR HQ, Certificate of Excellence

USAJ / 9th TAACOM, Certificate of Appreciation for Exceptional Service

40th I D, California, Certificate of Appreciation for Meritorious Service

Cited for Excellence by the Fort Knox Senior Observer Controller Team


Carmen Stamper


US Navy  (New Orleans, Pearl Harbor, San Diego)

Assigned to a Unit that provided communications for the Seabees.

The cell phones back then were heavy, bulky and big (about 9”).


Andrew Strong

Chief Administrative Office

Service: United States Navy, Hospital Corpsman, 1998 - 2007

Designations: Fleet Marine Force/ Surface Warfare/ Air Warfare

Duty Stations:
Camp Johnson, North Carolina
Camp Lejeune, North Carolina
Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, North Carolina
Naval Submarine Base Bangor, Silverdale, Washington
USS Ronald Reagan CVN 76, North Island

 Andrew Strong participating in a mass casualty drill aboard USS Ronald Reagan.

Mary Santos

Public Works

U.S. Navy

Radioman 2nd Class
I served in U.S. Navy from 1973 – 1977
I am proud to have served my country!

Steve Spence

Environmental Health

I enlisted in the Navy  at the age of 19  in July 1973, one month before direct military involvement ended in Vietnam. After training in Electronics Technology at Great Lakes, Ill,  I was stationed for two years in Spain when it was under the authoritarian regime of General Franco. The Navy then brought me to Long Beach and San Diego where I was stationed on the USS Towers (DDG-9) highlighted by visits to many countries during an eight month deployment to the Pacific.

Ramon Bilbao

Parks & Recreation

I served in U.S. Navy aboard the following ships:

USS Jarrett (FFG-33)
USS Ranger (CV-61)
USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63)
USS Fitzgerald (DDG-62)

I’ve participated in Operation Desert Storm, Restore Hope, and Iraqi Freedom.


Tara Harre


1996-Present. Over twenty years ago I joined the Army Reserve as a Private (E-3), and I continue to serve today as a Major (O-4). During these many years, I have traveled the world, jumped from planes, and served in combat. I truly feel that I am a stronger person from the experiences that I have endured in the military.  I am a proud veteran and will continue to serve ARMY STRONG, HOOAH!


Bill Horn

County Supervisor District 5

Service: USMC

Dates of Active Duty: July 1966-December 1970

Active reserve: 1970-1978

Rank at Discharge: Captain

I enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1966 after graduating from SDSU. In 1968, I was promoted to 1st Lieutenant and sent to the jungles of Vietnam where I joined the Kilo 4/13 as the Executive Officer. Later that same year, I was promoted to Commanding Officer of Lima Battery 4th Battalion 12th Marines, 3rd MAR DIV RVN. While my Battery was under fire at `The Rockpile’, I received shrapnel wounds.


  • Bronze Star Medal with Combat V

  • Purple Heart

  • Combat Action Ribbon

  • Presidential Unit Citation

  • Naval Unit Citation

  • Meritorious Unit Citation

  • National Defense Medal

  • Vietnamese Campaign Medal with four stars

  • Overseas Service Ribbon

  • Sea Service Deployment Ribbon

  • Republic of Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with Gold and Silver Star

  • Cross of Gallantry Unit Citation

  • RVN Civil Action Palm

  • Vietnam Service Medal

One of the greatest honors I have ever had was leading 270 men in combat for a year. As Ronald Reagan once wrote "Some people work an entire lifetime and wonder if they ever made a difference to the world. But the Marines don't have that problem."

Semper Fi

Lonnie Palm


Branch of Service:  United States Army

Length of Service:  May 1973 – May 1976

I enlisted at the beginning of the all-volunteer Army at age 19.  My first duty station was in Turkey near Istanbul for twelve months.  In 1974 tensions  between Turkey and Greece mounted concerning the island of Cyprus.  At that time I had purchased a round trip ticket on a Turkish airline to visit the southern Mediterranean coastline of that country for three days.  Permission was given by my commanding officer to take the trip.  On the final day there I returned to the airport only to discover that it was closed off to the general public and taken over  by the Turkish military. I contacted the base by telephone (not cell) and purchased a bus ticket with $1.25 remaining for the cross-country trek.  During the bus trek an Army captain from my base also boarded. It was a good feeling to know that I wasn’t alone.

Mike Dick

General Services

U.S. Army, ’71 to ‘74

25th Infantry Division 147th Aviation Co. CH-47 Chinooks
Barbers Point Naval Air Station, HI
They were just two weeks back from Vietnam.
U.S Army National Guard ’84 to 2001 Retired MSG
40th Infantry Division 240th Forward Support Battalion 

David Lampley


I enlisted in the US Army on June 1, 1970 and trained at Ft. Tacoma, WA and Fort Jackson, SC before being sent to Fifth Corps Support Command at Hanau, Germany.  Volunteering for Vietnam in 1971, I served at Cam Ranh Bay, Danang and Long Binh for nine months as all  units were being sent home around that time.  From 72 to 73, I was stationed at Fort  Hood, Texas, a few miles from home.   Honorable Discharge on May 31, 1973 as a Specialist 4th Class.  Notable experience was sending two weeks in Managua, Nicaragua in Dec. 72 with a MASH unit  supporting the country after a earthquake.   I also spent one year in the Texas National Guard in 1974.

I enlisted in the US Navy in March 77 and served on USS Chicago (CG-11), USS Durham (LKA-114) and deployed to the Pacific on 5 occasions, three times as a member of Cruiser-Destroyer Group One on board the USS Long Beach, USS New Jersey and USS Midway.  I retired in March 1977 as a E6, Operations Specialist First Class.  All my time was spent in San Diego except for a two year tour on the minesweeper, USS Fearless (MSO-442) from 81 to 83.

 Pete Jacovino


I proudly served for 20 years 9 months and 1 day in the US Navy as a Lithographer.  Often asked “if you could do it over again, would you”, always answered "heck yeah!" People pay good money to sail around the world and I always felt fortunate to be paid to sail around the world. Sure there were family separations, but they came along with the adventure. Our family always felt that the separations made you stronger.

One of the lasting memories I will always have tucked away in the military portion of my mind was floating around in the mined waters off the coast of Kuwait in the spring of 1991 for 45 days wondering, what if, and another would be riding a typhoon for the better part of 8 hours. Fun stuff!

Seriously, it was a great career, and heck yeah, I’d do it all over again. Anchors Aweigh!

Nina Gordon


I joined the military as a 2nd Lt in the Army Nurse Corps.  My first assignment was the Newborn Nursery, Fort Ord, Monterey, a far cry away from the fighting in Vietnam.  I remember the broken minds and the broken bodies of the men and women who were fortunate enough to return home.  I also remember being in uniform, standing outside the subway in N.Y., and having to experience less than complimentary comments from people who didn’t think we should be in Vietnam. I am proud to have served my country.  But I sometimes think the honorable title of veteran should be reserved only for those who served on the front lines.  I salute those veterans, my fellow Americans, who put their lives and limbs on the line for the rest of us.


Doug Ailshie


United States Army - Sept. 1972 to June 1974

Military Policeman – Specialist 4th Class

Tour of duty (16 mos.) - Camp Long Support Detachment

Wonju, Korea

I was part of the last draft during the Viet Nam War era.

My orders were amended to Korea from Viet Nam during the last week of advanced training @ Ft. Gordon, Georgia.


Jose Mallari

Public Works

I belong to an endangered species that is well on its way to extinction unless a saving treaty takes effect soon.  As a Filipino citizen and non-resident of the United States in 1989, I joined the US Navy at the Subic Bay Recruiting Station in the Philippines by virtue of Article XXVII of the 14 March 1947 Military Bases Agreement between the United States and the Republic of the Philippines.  This agreement was abolished with the 1992 closure of US Military Bases in the Philippines.  I served in the USS Dixon (AS-37), deployed to the Middle East during the Persian Gulf War, and was honorably discharged in 1993.  Now an attorney, I have recently initiated an advocacy to seek restoration of US Navy Recruiting in the Philippines via re-negotiation of the Visiting Forces Agreement.


Jennifer Reynolds


I served in the US Navy as a Hospital Corpsman. I served my country with the Marine Mag units as well as the VP67 Naval Air group, learning skills such as Emergency Medicine, Minor Surgery & Diagnosing sick sailors and Marines. I will never forget my brothers and sisters that stood beside me to assure our freedom. 

Franco Lopez is on the right

Franco Lopez is on the right

Franco Lopez

Auditor & Controller

USMC 1999 – 2004

Memorable Events:
Weeks with no bed, little sleep, no shower, and no toilets at the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003; no problem, we had plenty of ammo and a mission.
Coming out in one piece after countless conveys.
Setting up camp at the ruins of the ancient city of Babylon.
Mourning friends and colleagues.

Final Awards:
Combat Action Ribbon
Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal
Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
Marine Corp Good Conduct
Presidential Unit Citation
Sea Service Deployment Ribbon
National Defense Service Medal

Sol Masangkay

Parks & Recreation

U.S. Navy, 1980-1991

Service: Antisubmarine Squadron 29, NAS North Island 1980-1983 (aboard USS Kitty Hawk, CV-61 in 1981 and aboard USS Carl Vinson, CVN-70 in 1983 on its first cruise)

NAS Miramar Supply Department, 1984-1987

USS Tripoli, LPH 10, 1987-1991 (Desert Storm veteran)


Tony Avina

Agriculture/Weights & Measures 

I actively served in the US Army from 1987-1990.  I remained as an inactive member of the US Army until 1995.  I was stationed in Frederick, Maryland at the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases-Bacteriology Division.  I was Biological Sciences Assistant in the Anthrax Biological Research team.  Our team was responsible to optimize the Anthrax vaccine, which was used by military personnel during the 1990 Persian Gulf War.  I am a Persian Gulf War veteran.  I was honorably discharged in 1990.

In addition, I also served in the California National Guard from 1992-1995.  I was honorably discharged in 1995.


Harold Randolph


United States Marine Corps, September 1974 to August 1995

I served as Administrator, Inspector/Instructor, Recruiter, Group Administrative Chief, Classified Document Courier, Company Gunny and Administrative Analyst.  Places stationed or visited: North and South Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia; all states with Marine Corps Units west of the Mississippi and all Marine Units in the Western Pacific.   Most memorable assignment was “Operation Restore Hope” Mogadishu, Somalia from December 1992 to May 1993.  Most time spent overseas, 18 months in Subic Bay, Philippines.  Most fun had was flying (not piloting) when stationed with VMO-1 “Can Do” and with VMO-4 “Bronco”.  Call Signs used:  “Guru” and “Reverend”.  Continents visited – 6. Countries visited – 28.  Ready to do it all over again!!!

Happy 238th Birthday Marines! (November 10, 1775 – 2013)

Semper Fi

Rolando Indiongco


I proudly served in the United States Navy for 30 years and 14 days. I travelled to more places around the world in 30 years that most people do in a lifetime, all for free, thanks to the multiple aircraft carriers wherein I served. I was promoted to the rank only 1 percent of the enlisted military attain: Master Chief Petty Officer. I started serving following the conclusion of the Vietnam War. I also served in the Desert Storm, Desert Shield, Operation Southern Watch, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and many others. I salute all of my fellow veterans.


Timothy Henry


I served almost 13 years in the Navy, worked on aircraft avionics systems mostly on the SH-2F and SH-60B helicopters. In the middle of my Navy career I was assigned to VX-1. This is the squadron that tests any new Antisubmarine Warfare aircraft and equipment. At this squadron we had five different types of aircraft both helicopters and fixed wing. 


April Heinze

Community Services Group

Join the Navy and See the World-that was the recruiting line that attracted me to the Navy.  The 1970’s were the early days of expanded opportunities for women in the military and I was fortunate to receive a Navy ROTC scholarship to attend engineering school, serve my Country as a Civil Engineer Corps officer around the world, and become the third woman ever promoted to the rank of Captain in my specialty.

Memorable events include:

Seabees-the honor of leading the most dedicated and energetic young people to build and repair almost anything, anywhere
Shipyards-3 Navy shipyards, crawling through utility tunnels, repairing WWII damage in Pearl Harbor, and the eerie silence of the USS Arizona memorial
Diplomacy-bi-lateral exercises in Korea and Thailand, drinking vodka with generals in Russia
Disasters-earthquake recovery and monsoons in the Philippines, outrunning typhoons in the Pacific
Conflicts-landing in Saudi Arabia ahead of the Marines just 8 days after Iraq invaded Kuwait in the first Gulf War
Congress-watching our democracy at work, preparing testimony for appointees, briefing staffers on the hill, sitting in hearings directly behind the principals
9-11-flying cross-country on military aircraft with senior political appointees to return to D.C. when all commercial aircraft were grounded, returning to the Pentagon on 9-12 to find over 90% of the military and civilian employees continuing to work for freedom

Diane Kohanyi

Health and Human Services

Eight years active duty service with the US Army. I am a disabled veteran who participated in Desert Storm as a combat medic.  Throughout my military career I was stationed in some exotic and not so exotic places just to name a few: Ft Leonard Wood Missouri, Ft Sam Houston Texas, Tripler Army Medical Center Hawaii and Madigan Army Medical Center, Washington. While serving I became a Department of Defense Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, one of only 50 of us at the time Army wide.


Carlos Renstrom

Parks & Recreation

I served as a Human Resources Specialist (42A) in the U.S. Army. I was stationed in Columbia, South Carolina and Schofield Barracks in the island of Oahu, Hawaii, where I completed active duty.

During active duty, I was part of the Personnel Action Center for the 84th Engineer Combat Battalion (Heavy) in the 25th Infantry Division (Light) providing Human Resources services to 600 soldiers and their families. I was in charge of processing military personnel promotions, demotions, personnel actions, leadership briefings, data processing as well as making sure that soldiers and their families were receiving military benefits and counseling as needed during deployments. In 2004, I received the Good Conduct Medal, Army Service Ribbon, Marksman on M16 and M249 Rifle, Expert on Grenade and Overseas Medal.

Anne Greenstone


I joined the Air Force Nurse Corps after college to earn the GI Bill to pay for grad school.   I was assigned to Carswell AFB  Texas 3/ 1972-3/ 1974.  In early May 72  all active duty men  on the base (pilots, crew, nurses) were hurriedly assembled and flown to Viet Nam in one night for the Tet offensive.  Noise from departing planes kept me awake all   night.  All male RNs were gone.    I worked the orthopedic ward caring for the war wounded .  What a rambunctious group, mostly ages 18-20.  One night I was surprised by flight staff entering the ED with a group of ill men- POWs coming home to Texas.  I separated in March 1974.  I went directly to UCLA.  I was awarded my MN degree from UCLA in 1978. The GI Bill paid for  living expenses.  I earned it. 

James Boyd

County Counsel

1972 – 1975 U.S. Army, Special 5, US Army Legal Services Agency, Europe
1975- 1977  U.S. Army Reserves (E-5)
1977 – 1980 U.S. Marine Corps, Lance Corporal until Enlisted Commissioning Program (OCS), 1st Lieutenant, Infantry


Dale Santee

Alternate Public Defender

Colonel Dale W. Santee was the senior individual mobilization augmentee to the staff judge advocate, HQ Pacific Air Force, Hickam AFB, HI.  Commissioned as a reserve officer through the Direct Appointment Program, he served on active duty as an Air Force judge advocate from January 7, 1979 to August 8, 1983.  He deployed twice in support of peacekeeping operations in Bosnia with the Tanker Task Force based in Pisa, Italy for Operations Deny Flight and Joint Endeavor.  In December 1996, he deployed to Istres, France in support of Operation Joint Guard.  From August 2000 to December 2000, Colonel Santee deployed for Operation Southern Watch to Prince Sultan Air Base, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as the first reserve Staff Judge Advocate of an Air Expeditionary Force (AEF 9).  He was an adjunct instructor at the Judge Advocate General School, Montgomery, AL, Pacific Joint Operations Law Exercise, HI and the International Institute of Humanitarian Law, San Remo, Italy.


Greg Locke

General Services

I served 21 years of active duty with the United States Marine Corps. The leadership traits that I witnessed while in the Marines Corps are something I have tried to emulate on a daily basis and will continue to for the rest of my life. I have lived in a number of unique areas of the world; I spent four months living in a tent in Yechon, Korea, spent time in the western Egyptian desert, saw the rainbows are formed  when the desert sands blow off the coast of Tunisia in the evening and saw my daughter born in a hospital in Japan. I hope that all the veterans will enjoy this special holiday on November 11, 2011.

Manuel Garcia is on the right

Manuel Garcia is on the right

Manuel Garcia (right) with former County employee Robert Roberson Manuel Garcia


Active Duty

United States Army Feb. 1973 to July 1976
52nd Construction Engineer Battalion
220th Field Artillery,
Fort Carson, Colorado

United States Army Ready Reserve-1976-1987
129th Med. Evac. Hospital (Must Unit)-Admiral Baker Field
177th Transportation Company-Camp Pendleton

Tom Philipp

Auditor & Controller

Submarine Service – Cold War (1977-1983).   Nuke machinist on USS HADDO SSN604.  Home port – San Diego.  Longest submerged – 45 days when Iran held US hostages.  How does it feel underwater?  A bit like an airplane, especially when they do ‘angles and dangles.’

Jay Patterson


Rank: Dental Technician 1st Class
Branch: United States Navy (Retired)
Service: March 1976 to March 1996
Specialties: Medical/Dental Administration & Oral Surgery Technician


(a)  Overseas Command: NAS Agana Guam [Sep 76 to Mar 79]

(b)  Sea Commands:
USS Coronado (AGF-11) [Apr 81 to Apr 82] – Persian Gulf Command Ship
USS Hunley (AS-31) [May 82 – Dec 83] – Holy Loch Scotland
USS Long Beach (CGN-9) [Jan 87 – Jun 90] – Pacific Fleet
USS Rushmore (LSD-47) [Aug 93 – Mar 96] – Pacific Fleet

Shore Commands:

(1)  Naval Hospital, NAS Whidbey Island WA
(2)  Naval Regional Dental Center, San Diego, CA
(3)  Naval Supply Center, San Diego CA
(4)  Fleet Dental Office, US Pacific Fleet


(a)  Sailed around the world in 1987.
(b)  Set foot on every continent on this earth.
(c)  Five tours of duty to Persian Gulf region (combat and non-combat).
(d)  Lots of memories…

Kristie Makowsky


I joined the United States Army right out of high school. I served for four years, on 3 different bases – Fort Polk, LA, Fort Gordon, GA and Fort Jackson, SC. I was the first female Radar Technician recruited right after the Vietnam war. I learned a lot in the Army and my veteran’s benefits are the only reason I was able to purchase my home. My son is following in my path and will be reporting to Fort Jackson, SC in March 2012.

Moises Rivera


USN 1989-1993. I served on the USS Vincennes CG-49.

Daniel E. Chesler


U.S. Navy,  served on ships escorting tankers during  the ‘Tanker War’ and had a front row seat during Operation Preying Mantis.