Help CECO Raise $200K

For over 60 years, County employees have been coming together in a simple but powerful tradition of lending a hand to the local community. Help CECO raise $200K in 2017 to benefit local non-profit programs and employees in crisis. All it takes is a small contribution. Here are some ways you can contribute:

  • Start your biweekly contribution – all it takes is a few clicks to become part of CECO’s giving tradition. Did you know that if every County employee donated just $2, CECO would raise over $800K a year!

  • Make a one-time donation – make a cash or check donation via your CECO Department Representative

  • Support a fundraiser – Every dollar makes a difference when we lend a hand together!

You can see a list of the previous grant recipients and get a glimpse of how County employees positively affected our community.