Learn How to 'Age Backwards'

Find a healthier and younger you in the New Year. Attend a unique and gentle Employee Wellness fitness class aimed at improving participants’ health and helping them “age backwards” through movement.

The class, called Essentrics or more informally “Aging Backwards,” is a minimal-impact, full-body workout that trains muscles to be equally strong and flexible. It borrows movements and poses from Tai Chi, ballet, yoga and Pilates.

“The lunchtime sessions are a great starting point for those wishing to get into a healthy exercise routine, those recovering from injury, and anyone looking to improve flexibility, mobility and balance,” explained Employee Wellness Coordinator William Erese. The class was offered as a pilot program at the County Administration Center last year and due to the popularity, will be offered again at two locations in 2017.

“What I really liked about the Essentrics class is that it made me feel stronger,” said Suzanne Bartole, a participant in the pilot program. “I felt energized after the class and looked forward to the next workout. I can’t wait for it to return.”

Essentrics will be offered at noon on Tuesdays in the Chambers at the COC starting Jan. 31 and Wednesdays at noon in Tower 6 at the CAC starting Feb. 1. Registration is not necessary. Workout attire or comfortable work clothes are recommended. The class is open to all County employees.

View the 2017 Onsite Fitness Class Schedule