Get Fit 4 Life

Just in time to help you keep your resolution to get healthier in the New Year, registration is underway for Employee Wellness’ Fit 4 Life program.

“This new and exciting challenge is designed to help you improve your fitness and maintain a healthy lifestyle,” said Employee Wellness Coordinator William Erese. “It can easily be tailored to all fitness levels from beginner to fitness fanatics and can accommodate everyone.”

The eight-week program runs from Jan. 23 to March 19. Plus, Erese says, this program is the perfect way to train for the Amazing Race this spring. You can even invite a co-worker to the challenge and help keep each other motivated.

Log Your Progress: In this challenge, participants can choose from one of four activities: walking / running, cycling, swimming, or weight training. If you are unable to complete any of these activities – don’t worry. The Fit 4 Life program is able to convert almost any physical activity to calculate points.  Each day, participants log their exercise and intensity level—light, moderate or vigorous.

Level Up: There are three levels to go for! If you exercise for 20 minutes three times a week, you can achieve Level 1 with ease. If you exercise for 20 minutes, four times a week, you can reach Level 2 with no trouble. And if you exercise for 20 minutes, five days a week, you can attain Level 3 with confidence.

Sign up Now: Registration begins Jan. 17 to Feb. 3. Sign up online.

Employees requiring accommodation can email