Employees Collect Nearly 700 Pounds of Peanut Butter

How many sandwiches can you make with 698 pounds of peanut butter? It’s an inexact science, as some spread it on thicker than others, but the San Diego Food Bank says it will provide hundreds and hundreds of meals to people who otherwise wouldn’t have one.

That was the inspiration behind the peanut butter drive recently headed by Jacqueline Hamed, an analyst in the Health and Human Services Agency’s Office of Business Intelligence.

“During a recent tour, Food Bank President Jim Floros shared stories and facts regarding the Food Bank and the community it serves. He mentioned peanut butter being a highly desirable item that the Food Bank normally doesn’t purchase as it is more expensive than other proteins, but is a great item to give those in need,” she said.

After the tour, Hamed and her colleagues were so in awe of everything the Food Bank does for the community, they wanted to be part of giving back.

“We remembered Jim’s comment about the peanut butter being like ‘gold’ and this motivated our effort to start our peanut butter drive. It started off trying to get everyone to bring in one jar of peanut butter and we collected a decent amount just within our department. “

Then, Hamed and her colleagues reached out to other HHSA departments.

“We ended up collecting a total of 551 jars which weighed in at 698 pounds,” Hamed said. “This will allow the Food Bank to provide 582 meals to those in need.”

The three-year County employee said everyone was shocked at how much they collected.

“We had no idea that it would get this big and are beyond grateful that so many people got involved for such a great cause.”

Hamed and her coworkers took the large donation into the very happy and grateful Food Bank on Aug. 22. She said they plan to make the peanut butter drive an annual event, with the hopes of surpassing this year’s heavy donation.

“Our food drive was focused on peanut butter but there are so many other ways people can support the Food Bank,” Hamed said. “The Food Bank also relies a lot on volunteers, so if anyone is interested in volunteering or getting information on their programs, they can visit their website at www.sandiegofoodbank.org.”