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All trails lead to your success. Sign up for Employee Wellness’ next health challenge—HealthTrails. This exciting eight-week program encourages individual and team participants to commit to their wellness by tracking their healthy habits.

HealthTrails is the new and improved Thrive Across America program, which has been offered in years past.  However, this year’s program is about more than just moving along a trail. HealthTrails now includes four goals: improved fitness, stress management through meditation, enough sleep and volunteering. And you select your path—there are several virtual trails to choose from across the world, including Denmark’s West Coast Trail, or trails in Dubai and Florence, Italy. The program is completely customizable making it perfect for your preferences!

Participants log their activities to move themselves along a virtual trail. As trekkers progress along a map, they’ll see photos and vivid descriptions of that location as if they’re right there.

HealthTrails has a social aspect, too. Participants can comment on message boards online or through the app available in iTunes and Google Play, make plans with trailmates, cheer on fellow employees, and review healthy recipes.

Plus, participants can sync their FitBit to automatically log activities.

For more information and to register, visit The program starts August 1.

Employees requiring accommodation should email

Happy trails to you!