ERG Voting Campaign Targets Millennials

In an effort to educate and encourage the millennial generation (which has the lowest voter turnout) to participate in the election process, the County of San Diego’s Emerging Workforce Association created the #FillInYourVoice campaign.

“After reading so many news articles on the lack of millennial involvement in elections, we developed this campaign to spur excitement among them to exercise their right to vote,” said EWA board officer Nadia Moshirian Binderup. “We also wanted to work in part with the Thriving agenda of Live Well San Diego to promote civic engagement opportunities.”

Millennials are one of the biggest potential voting blocs but have the lowest voter turnout. In order to help get those numbers up, the EWA partnered with the Registrar of Voters and SDSU to provide nonpartisan voter education material branded toward the younger generation.

“Voting is a civic duty that crosses generations and touches everyone. The decisions that are made through voting are ones that affect everyone,” said EWA vice president Skyler Mercure. “Your vote essentially shapes your future, whether it involves voting for the President or local matters that will touch your neighborhood.”

The employee resource group is planning for more collaborative activities in the fall in anticipation of the major November Election.

Want to #FillInYourVoice? It’s simple - vote! And then share a photo or video on social media with #FillInYourVoice. You can also follow the campaign on Instagram throughout this election season @fillinyourvoice.