County Vehicle Maintenance Due? Take it to Shop on Your Schedule

What with meetings, projects and deadlines, it’s tough to take time out to get the County vehicle serviced too. With customer service in mind, Fleet Services now has a new one-hour preventive maintenance program that lets you schedule that appointment online at a time convenient for you.

So if you have a meeting coming up at the County Operations Center, you can go online and schedule the routine maintenance for the car during the same time slot. When you arrive, drop the car off at the fleet garage and then head to your meeting. One hour later, your car is done and you didn’t lose any time out of your work schedule.

The new program is convenient for you and for Fleet Services too. Prior to the program, employees would call the garage for an appointment the next day, the same day or even just drop it off when there wasn’t sufficient staff available.  

The new program saves time and money because putting off maintenance can cost more in the long run and take longer to fix.

"Performing routine preventive maintenance on County vehicles helps to ensure they run at optimum performance and decreases the potential for equipment failure and costly repairs," said General Services Fleet Manager Sharyl Blackington.

The new program is available for heavy and light vehicles at the County Operations Center. The one-hour service can also be scheduled for light and some medium duty vehicles only at the County garages at Santee and San Marcos. The service includes an extensive safety check list, oil changes and more. If technicians find a problem that will require more time, a fleet team leader will call you.  

If you have questions about the one-hour service, call (619) 578-6262.