Earn $100 for Completing a Wellness Screening

Staying on top of your health really pays. If you participate in the County’s upcoming Employee Wellness Incentive Program, you can earn an extra $100 in your paycheck.

Employee Wellness Coordinator William Erese encourages all County workers to be proactive by attending a free onsite biometric screening and completing an online health risk assessment.

“The rewards are two-fold. You can gain insight into your health status and earn a monetary incentive,” Erese said.

You have the option to go to your personal doctor, but Kaiser Permanente will be setting up its mobile health vehicle at various County worksites from March 2 through March 28 for free screenings. Kaiser will provide screenings for all employees regardless of your current insurance provider. See the full list of dates and locations here.

Employees will get their blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol and body mass index checked. All screening results will be kept confidential.

Don’t miss this opportunity to know your numbers and to earn the payout. Go to kp.org/wellness to make an appointment now. New users will enter signup code “CountyofSD.” Returning users will enter their email address and password.

There are three steps to earn the payout. Follow them carefully:

  1. This one is a two-parter. First make an appointment. Then attend a biometric screening and have the medical professional sign the confirmation form while at the screening. Tip: Print the form out now and have it ready. Be sure to bring your employee ID to County onsite appointments.

  2. After completing the wellness biometric screening, go to your provider’s website and take their online health risk assessment. Please note that the biometric screening results will be needed to fully complete the assessment. For those covered under a County plan, the providers are either Anthem Blue Cross or Kaiser Permanente. For those who waive coverage through the County, your provider will be listed on your medical card.

  3. Send both the signed biometric form AND the assessment confirmation to Benefits at MS O-7 or to DHRWellness.FGG@sdcounty.ca.gov by June 30. Please do not send medical information. And remember to keep a copy for your own records.

Incentive payment will be disbursed within 60 days after you submit both a completed Wellness Incentive Form and proof that your assessment was completed.

Look for additional screening dates and locations to be added in April.

For additional details, visit the Department of Human Resources on InSite.