Maintain, Don’t Gain

We’re getting into that time of year again when goodies and feasts seem to surround us and threaten our healthy eating habits. During this very busy season sometimes we can neglect ourselves, and that is why the 4th quarter challenge - Maintain, Don’t Gain - is so important.  

In this challenge you will learn how to be healthy even during the holiday season synonymous with over-eating. Participants will track their daily weight, water consumption and activity minutes during this 8-week challenge.

This is the third year for this popular program, and there are several new program features including a mobile app. That lets you easily log your progress from your mobile device with the ability to sync a fitness tracking device such as a Fitbit to your account. You can also “walk with William,” the County’s Employee Wellness Coordinator, along a virtual map throughout San Diego County.

In addition to the satisfaction of maintaining or losing weight during the approaching holidays, there are prizes to be won. The level 1 prize is a shoe light, perfect for walking, running and cycling after dark. The level 2 prize is an adult stress-relieving coloring book and pencils. Level 3 is a fleece winter kit with gloves, beanie and blanket. Prizes will be awarded based on the level completed.

So mark your calendar. Registration is open through Oct. 21 and the challenge begins Oct. 17 and runs through Dec. 9.

Learn more about Maintain, Don’t Gain on the Employee Wellness’ InSite page.