Puppy Clothed in Love

A County animal control officer’s generosity and tender heart have transformed a waifish puppy into a dapper dog.

Over the weekend, Officer Gina Raygosa picked up the 1.9-pound, 7-week-old terrier that someone dumped along a deserted Potrero road. A Good Samaritan had found the animal huddled by the roadside and called Animal Services.

Off-duty on Sunday night, Raygosa went shopping and bought the teeny puppy a full wardrobe, including a "Top Dog" T-shirt, a sweater, and a skull-and-crossbones collar.

Upon seeing the presents, Raygosa’s supervisor jokingly asked the officer if she would be packing the puppy’s suitcase when he was adopted. Without hesitation, Raygosa pulled out a small satchel she had also bought the pup.

County animal control officers have to be tough....but they clearly have a soft side too.