Finding their Voice in Arts

Working with local artists and the Family & Youth Roundtable, HHSA's Children’s Mental Health program directors offered a summer art program for youth receiving services within the County’s provider systems.

“Voice in Arts” provided kids from the San Diego Center for Children, and others, ranging in age from 9 to 16 with an opportunity to learn fine art techniques and gain a voice - a way to express themselves through the creative process.

On October 22, to raise awareness of the program, and raise funds to continue it, there will be a gala event at the Space 4 Art, the co-operative organization that has donated studio space, artist time, and supplies for the classes. Established in 2010, Space 4 Art provides work and work/live studios for local artists, in San Diego’s East Village. The participating artists work on and in the building to keep costs down, and they also contribute to education and resource development.

Artists who have taught classes to the youth free of charge:

  • ·         Ben Dehart – chalk art
  • ·         Meghan Berkeley Augustine – colored pencil
  • ·         Valerie Henderson/Marcy Gordon - monoprinting
  • ·         Isaias Crow – storyboarding with colored pencils