Safety Members: Run for a seat on the Board of Retirement

SDCERA would like to announce the upcoming election in November for the seventh seat and alternate Safety seat on the Board of Retirement.  These seats are elected by the active Safety members. 

The elected members represent two Safety groups:  the Probation department and Active Law Enforcement (Sheriff and District Attorney Investigator).  The candidate receiving the most votes will win the seventh seat.  The candidate receiving the most votes from the Safety group not represented by the winning candidate will be elected to the alternate Safety seat.

The Board of Retirement makes decisions in a variety of areas, such as how the pension fund is invested and setting SDCERA’s strategic direction.  

If you are an active Safety member and wish to run in the upcoming election, pick up your candidate petition beginning October 1, 2010, at the SDCERA office located at 2275 Rio Bonito Way, Suite 200, in Mission Valley. Please see the election schedule below for important deadlines.   

The elected candidate will serve a three-year term beginning on January 1, 2011.

SDCERA 2010 Board of Retirement
Election Calendar
Safety 7th Seat

Friday, October 1

Candidate petitions available

Tuesday, October 26 (by noon)

Petition filing deadline

Tuesday, November 23

Election day

Monday, November 29

Election winner certified

January 1, 2011

Board member begins term


Please visit the SDCERA website at if you would like to learn more about the Board of Retirement and SDCERA.