The ROV Needs Pollworkers

The Registrar of Voters is preparing for the June 8, 2010 Gubernatorial Primary Election and needs to identify poll workers who can help with this important election.  If you have never worked a poll, I hope you will seriously consider trying this new experience and join a team this election. For those 500-700 employees who have served before as poll workers, I commend you and hope you will return this election.

Since this primary election is expected to draw a larger turnout than the May 19, 2009 Statewide Special Election, the Registrar’s Office has made several changes that will improve your preparation and election day experience. To be a poll worker, you must complete a one-hour, online training and a two-hour class, in which you’ll learn to set up and close a poll and practice election scenarios. County employees can complete these trainings during work time, with supervisor approval. As in the past, this training is optional for poll workers assigned to work as Clerks.

Please note that Precinct Inspectors (PIs) will no longer be given a special cell phone for Election Day. Instead, they will be expected to use their personal cell phone to contact the hotline or recruitment staff and will be compensated with an additional $5 for using their personal cell phones.

We especially encourage those of you with bilingual skills in Spanish, Filipino or Vietnamese to volunteer. For information on other areas in which poll workers are needed, read the Eagle News.

The County’s Compensation Ordinance requires a new application be submitted with supervisor approval for each election. So turn in your application for this election as early as possible.  If you have questions regarding the County Poll Worker Program, please contact Jean Vukotich at (858) 694-3419 or