Beaten Border Puppy Celebrates First Birthday

Spirit was just 10 weeks old when she came into the care of County Animal Services.Remember Spirit?

She was the 10-week-old puppy that was savagely beaten at the Mexican border a year ago. Her story captured the attention of people across the county and nation.

Border cameras were rolling as a man threw Spirit over a fence, then beat her. The man fled back to Mexico and was never found.

Immediately after the incident, County Animal Services took custody of the puppy, treated her for multiple fractures and later placed her in a new home. The public’s outrage was displayed in numerous national stories with continued follow-up on Spirit’s condition and rehabilitation.

“It is truly amazing to see the love that Spirit has for all people considering the horrific
suffering she endured at the hands of one person,” said Dawn Danielson, Director of Animal Services.

Spirit's new owner, Lori Shirazi,  recently held a birthday party and fundraiser for the “Spirit Medical Fund,” to help other stray and homeless animals that are in need of extensive veterinary care, beyond what County Animal Services can afford.

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