Heads Up for Disaster Readiness Billboards

The billboard reads: “You can’t predict, but you can prepare” against a dramatic image of a firefighter emerging from a smoky wildland area.

Many San Diego County residents learned this lesson firsthand in 2003 and 2007. The outdoor public service campaign was made possible through an $80,000 grant from the Allstate Foundation and employed by the San Diego County Office of Emergency Services to prepare residents against wildfires and other emergencies.

"Allstate and the Allstate Foundation have been strong partners in supporting the County’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Day and producing public service announcements that are currently broadcast on local television,” said Ron Lane, director of the San Diego County Office of Emergency Services.

Eleven billboards have been placed along local freeways in the County with the goal of reaching more residents with the public service announcement.

Don’t let a wildfire or other emergency catch you unprepared. Learn what you can do to lessen your risks for various hazards, including having a disaster plan for your family and signing up to receive emergency notifications on your cell phone by visiting  www.ReadySanDiego.org.