Paycheck Changes Coming Soon

County employees may notice a decrease in their paycheck amounts beginning with the payday on November 13, 2009.  This change is a result of a state-mandated increase in California income tax withholding.

California income tax withholding is the amount of income that the County, as an employer, sends directly to the state as partial payment of an individual employee’s tax liability for the year. 

As a result of Governor Schwarzenegger’s declaration of a state fiscal emergency on July 1, 2009, Assembly Bill X4 17 (ABX4 17) was passed as an effort to prevent under-withholding of state income taxes and accelerate revenue to the state.  This legislation amended the Revenue and Taxation Code to increase California income tax withholding by 10 percent.  ABX4 17 becomes effective on November 1, 2009 and is reflected in County paychecks beginning the first payday in November.

Employees can make changes to their State and federal income tax withholding online through Employee Self Service available on the County intranet (cww). Employees with questions about their personal tax circumstances should seek professional tax advice.