County Executives Honor Customer Service Superheroes

No matter what's going on in their personal or professional life, they've got a smile on their face. And they get the job done right.

That's how Chief Administrative Officer Walt Ekard described the 23 County employees who were honored last week as "Customer Service Superheroes" at the Breakfast with Executives, an annual event hosted by the Department of Human Resources.

"If you're here today as a Superhero, it means you are the best of the best of what we have," Ekard told the Superheroes and department heads who gathered for breakfast at the Holiday Inn on the Bay.

"It's a big deal when someone takes the time after interacting with you to fill out a card, make a phone call or send an email."

The Superheroes were selected based on the number of Customer Service Hero nominations and/or customer service nominations they received over the past year. And two were included for going above and beyond in their jobs to help someone in need. was at the breakfast:

You can learn more about the program, and to see photos of the winners, here.