Vanessa Mello, Ruth Munzaa and Dignora Torres, DEH

From Bristol Farms regarding three employees from the Department of Environmental Health:

“I wanted to pass along some kudos for a joint effort from Vanessa Mello, Ruth Munzaa, and Dignora Torres. The three of them assisted a project manager from Bristol Farms who was seeking advice on how to properly implement their Hatch Chili Roasting events at three of their locations. Martin Deveau [from Bristol Farms] was thankful to the team for helping him make the events healthy and successful.”

Janine Fuertes, VCT II - Department Environment Health, LUEG

From a customer Kelly Duffek regarding Janine Fuertes with Department Environment Health:

"At my request, County employee Janine Fuertes from DEH is doing a mosquito inspection at my home right now. I had to let you know that I am very impressed by her!  She is extremely professional, friendly, knowledgeable, approachable (and even kind to my dog and patient with me as I hobble around on crutches). She phoned in advance to set the appointment, and then again twice this morning to confirm her arrival time.  She has identified a breeding area and is treating it and our fountain, and said she will contact the neighbors around us, as well. Thank you for your department’s excellent customer service!"

Steven Kelly Gaffrey, San Diego County Fire Authority

From Innovative Fire Protection via a customer experience survey regarding Steven Kelly Gaffrey of the San Diego County Fire Authority:

“Among all of the Jurisdictions within Southern California that Innovative Fire Protection performs work in, Steven Gaffrey is by far one of the most attentive, responsive, professional, and courteous plan reviewers to work with. His ability to work with the customer in a team like manner to achieve the same goal in fire protection, and his ability of streamlining the plan review process in a very timely manner is unmatched by any jurisdiction. It is our pleasure to work with Steven and the SDCFA.”

Zakiyyah Smith - NEFRC, HHSA

From Customer Satisfaction Survey (HEART) regarding Zakiyyah Smith:

“Zakiyyah was extremely helpful, informative and knowledgeable. She explained everything in detail with an extremely pleasant attitude. It made me feel less stressed through difficult time passing through. Zakiyyah was extremely helpful and explained everything with patience and care.”

Gemma Custodio, Human Services Specialist

From a family via Customer Satisfaction Survey regarding the South Region Live Well Center National City and Gemma Custodio, Human Services Specialist:

"Our family would like to recognize Gemma for the wonderful person that she is and the good service that she always provides for her clients. She is very professional and provides excellent information, guidance and services."